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growing weed outside in canada

Check with your housing agreements and bylaws for information on safe and legal cannabis home growing.

Cannabis laws are different in each province and territory in Canada. Differences include legal age, locations where cannabis can be sold and consumed, and possession limits.

How can I store my cannabis?

When travelling in Canada, it is your responsibility to understand and follow local laws. Check out provincial and territorial websites for more details:

What are the limitations on transporting cannabis?

Growing weed outside in canada

"I give it good compost and good water, good soil, access to enough light, and it knows what to do," he says. "It's a very hearty and forgiving plant, so there's not a lot of maintenance you need to do."

Scott's Miracle Gro, one of the best known brands of fertilizer for lawns and gardens, has a cannabis division, the Hawthorne Gardening Company, based in Surrey, B.C. Its focus has been on large commercial growers of cannabis, as well as hydroponics. Now it's developing products aimed at cannabis hobbyists in the consumer market.

Kelowna, B.C.-based licensed cannabis producer Flowr currently has no seeds for sale, but its director of plant science says that by June, the company will have both seeds and "clones" available.

Seed shortages and big prices

He only has one worry: people stealing his stash.

In response to a query from CBC News, the Vancouver Police Department said its strategy "continues to target those drug producers who show a high level of organization and co-ordination, and those who manufacture opioids and other harmful drugs for profit."

Canopy Growth, one of Canada's largest licensed producers, is also working to get more seed varieties into the system across the country.

Cannabis garden centre

CBC News contacted every province, and only Nova Scotia was able to specify the level of demand for seeds, saying that weekly sales have risen to a modest 14 packages of four seeds each in May from 10 packages back when the seeds were first offered for sale in February. The provincial distributor says it expects to be able to fill orders.

He adds that no matter where people grow their cannabis, there is a cost advantage to doing it yourself.