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growing weed smell

One particular VSC, known as VSC3, is especially associated with cannabis stench, producing “intense, sulfuric, skunky aroma even in extremely dilute concentrations,” according to the research. Interestingly, VSC3 has also been previously identified in beer.

The researchers on the 2021 paper suspect VSCs might be responsible for cannabis scent due to their association with pungent smells in other plants like durian, hops, and garlic.

Why does some cannabis smell like skunk?

But the 2021 study challenges the conventional wisdom by looking beyond terpenes to identify a whole new class of compounds responsible for cannabis smells — including its skunky scent.

A study published earlier this year in the American Chemical Society reveals a family of chemical compounds are likely responsible for the distinctive pong of marijuana. The findings offer a new way to consider not just the chemical origins of cannabis’ particular scent, but also a way to examine its untapped health benefits.

What does cannabis smell mean?

According to the scientists: “The rapid increase of VSCs was concomitant with an intense rise in the pungency of the skunk-like aroma of the flowers.”

Growing weed smell

The answer is that each individual strain and plant is different. But here’s what to keep in mind:

But when growing weed, do the plants start smelling? And how much?

The cannabis buds we know and love have a noticeable smell. They stink. I love the smell, some people hate it, and every strain is different.

At what age do cannabis plants start to smell?

Short Answer: The smell starts at 3-6 weeks old (depending on strain) even in the vegetative stage. But the smell gets much worse after plants start flowering/making buds.

Growing weed smell

Sprays, Glade Plugins, etc – Generally these are only effective for a few hours at most. Only recommended in an emergency!

Also, using these products on your cannabis plants can reduce or alter their natural smell.

Make Sure Only YOU Get To Enjoy Your Plant’s Smell!

How to Find & Install The Right Carbon Filter

Ona products are quick and easy to use. They are effective at covering up smells in a small grow room, though they will only work for a relatively short window of time and must be replaced every few weeks up to a few months.

If you use Ona products in your living room, den, or other open areas, no one who enters those rooms will be able to smell any sign of your cannabis plants, even if the plants are just a room away.

Smell Emergency?

If you need to neutralize the smell coming out of your exhaust, a carbon filter (#1 on this list) is highly recommended. You could also have your exhaust air blow over an Ona product right before being vented outside. It is not recommended to use Ona products in your grow area alongside your plants. Ona products are meant to be used outside the grow area.