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growing weed with led strips

Growing weed with led strips

But for now I feel it’s an expensive way of growing one or two plants, and less cost effective as the plant count rises.

Been experimenting with household globe leds for awhile. Just added 4 @ 4ft x 23w led tubes, which are basically strip leds in a tube

I am very impressed with how quickly buds are developing

in fact,the LED grow strips can work fro plants,i saw a website can provide this,the color ratio of LEDs is red_blue=3:1 or 4:1

Final Phase

Just because someone did a 350 gram and 356 gram from an Auto Strain using only LED’s doesn’t mean it’s typical at all. Yes, LED’s have the pros’ and con’s compared to everything else that’s out there right now.

^LOL ok. Thats why led companies do not specifically pick led lights that target the most effective ranges for photosynthetic light absorption. Well done sir, well done. Please do your homework.

A little more info here:
I’m currently researching equipment for a stealth growbox and LED lighting seems like the best option.


Leds differ from hps/mh by the amount of lumens that are given off. I was just trying to explain leds are good in certain situations. Particularly in small areas. In small areas Leds win the g/watt ratio compared to hps/mh for similar yields. Most people put off leds and never consider them because of the price that they cost.

Hi. I am currently using a 90w UFO Led light, Its ok i guess. But it really does not hit the bottom buds. I was Wondering If Using a LED Strip Light Would be ok for just around the botton of the plant. Like this

Growing weed with led strips

The strips can be cut every three LEDs. There are marks on them showing where you can cut them. This allows you to separate them into multiple smaller strips, if needed.

Want to light your plants from an unusual angle, but can’t figure out how?

The one big problem?

Best Flexible LED Grow Light Strip: AveyLum Adhesive LED Plant Light Ribbon

AveyLum gives you a 1 year warranty with these lights and a 60 day full money back guarantee, making your purchase risk-free. Due to their flexibility, the AveyLum Adhesive Grow Light Strips get a Grow Light Info rating of 9.6 out of 10.

They also work well as a light for the early stages of growth: seeding, cloning and even vegging.

LED Grow Light Strips Compared

If you are using them as supplemental light, you’ll probably want the 3000K one, but it really depends on your needs.

Jun Wen gives you a 2 year warranty on these lights and they will also replace your light for free or give you a full refund, if you are not satisfied. The warranty is longer than most lights in this price range.