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halogen bulbs for growing weed

There are many types of lights, but below are the four most common you’ll find in a grow room. There are many variations within each of these four types as well, and new lights and technology come out all the time.

Consider how often you’ll be growing weed and how long it will take to pay off the initial investment—if you grow once a year, it’ll take a lot longer to pay off an expensive light than if you grow multiple harvests a year.


Ventilation is also a concern. If you’re growing in a tight space with a light that runs hot, you’ll need to have fans in there, which also take up space. If there’s not enough room for a light and a fan, you may need to invest in a light that doesn’t run as hot, such as an LED. For example, grow tents are usually built tall to allow room for equipment up top, not to grow plants all the way to the ceiling.

When growing outdoors you can harness the power of the sun, but in an indoor environment, sunlight is mimicked through the use of grow light bulbs, which aim to display the same spectrum of light as the sun.

How many grow lights do I need to grow weed?

Some grow lights are more expensive than others, but also more efficient, saving money in the long run. Some lights are bulky with many parts, some light in weight, and some are better suited for young or mature plants.

Halogen bulbs for growing weed

Example of MH/HPS Setups That Yield 1-5 Ounces/Month

Simply hang an LED light over your plants and start growing!

HID grow lights are much more efficient than fluorescent lights and are powered by large, oddly-shaped bulbs. They are usually screwed into a reflector or hood to reflect more light down onto the plants. HIDs are great at growing cannabis, but they also get very hot and are usually hooked up to an exhaust to help vent out heat.

Cons of Fluorescents

Keeping CFLs close results in the best yields and growth

Metal Halide (MH) Grow Lights

CFL grow lights are the twisty-looking bulbs you can find anywhere you normally buy light bulbs. They produce a great spectrum for growing cannabis and can be used in tiny spaces where no other grow light would fit such as the inside of a cabinet.

HIDs are very well suited to growing cannabis and very easy to use once they’re set up. If your main goal is to get the highest yields possible, then HIDs are the way to go! However, they do require extra setup compared to the other grow lights because chances are you will need a fan to vent out heat from your grow space.

“LEC” and “CMH” both refer to Ceramic Metal Halide grow lights, which is a type of HID light that is a bit more efficient than a regular Metal Halide light

Halogen bulbs for growing weed

Besides brightening up the room, they also have a beautiful design that adds to the beauty of your home. The lights shine well irrespective of the weather conditions meaning you can grow your crops at any time.

Unlike CFLs, halogen light bulbs do not use any mercury, which makes it safer to clean especially after a breakage. They have a more attractive colour that nears that of the natural sunlight as compared to other grow lights. Also compared to lights such as incandescent grow lights, halogen lights have a longer life span they provide the crops with full spectrum light and they do not need any time to warm up.

Having a lighting system is an indispensible requirement if weed growing especially for indoor growers. This is because your plants need just as much light as those growing outdoors for proper growth. Different weed growers use various types of lighting systems to illuminate their grow tents and grow rooms.

Simba Lighting 70PAR38/HL Halogen PAR38 Light Bulb

The bulb is made out of high quality eco-halogen that makes it also one of the safest lighting outputs in the market. It provides the crops with a warm soft white colour that is equivalent to that of the sun ensuring that they grow with enough full-spectrum light. They contain no mercury, they are dimmable and you do not have to wait for them to warm up after installation.

These range from LED Grow Lights, to Incandescent Lamps, HPS Lamps and Halogen Lamps among many others. While many of the growers choose to go with led grow lights, there are others in the market that chooses other lighting systems. Today we look at one of the other alternatives, which are HALOGEN GROW LIGHTS.

Our pick of halogen grow lights

They also come with multiple purposes and you can use for your grow space, as floodlights, as can lights, landscape lights, pendants and much more. The bulbs are durable and they all come with a standard size. The material of the bulb is aluminium with a glass cover and they come with a 90-day warranty the bulbs come in a pack of six.

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