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halogen light bulbs for growing weed

Halogen light bulbs for growing weed

If you are growing your weed in a small-enclosed space, you do not need a large lighting system for your crops to grow. You can get the KOR 2 pack 120 volts halogen light bulbs to give your crops all the light they need. The light bulbs provide bright white light and a high color rendering that looks like that from the natural sunlight.

Besides having an attractive design, the above halogen light bulb is one of the most efficient halogen lights in the market. The lighting system comes in a pack of two bulbs that give your indoor weed crops full spectrum light. They have an eco-logic free soldier that makes them safe to handle and they do not contain any mercury.

KOR 120 Volt Pack of 2 Halogen Light Bulbs

The bulb is made out of high quality eco-halogen that makes it also one of the safest lighting outputs in the market. It provides the crops with a warm soft white colour that is equivalent to that of the sun ensuring that they grow with enough full-spectrum light. They contain no mercury, they are dimmable and you do not have to wait for them to warm up after installation.

One of the best energy saving with a high output lighting system is the Simba Halogen Light Bulb. The bulbs have 70 watts with 1100 lumens, which is equivalent to 70 to 90 watts of incandescent bulbs. The voltage of the bulb ranges from 110 volts to 130 volts making it an excellent energy saver.

Sylvania 14577-2 14477 Clear Halogen Lamp

Unlike CFLs, halogen light bulbs do not use any mercury, which makes it safer to clean especially after a breakage. They have a more attractive colour that nears that of the natural sunlight as compared to other grow lights. Also compared to lights such as incandescent grow lights, halogen lights have a longer life span they provide the crops with full spectrum light and they do not need any time to warm up.

Halogen light bulbs for growing weed

The main problem with both incandescent and fluorescent bulbs is that they aren’t generally powerful enough to flower more than a couple of plants, unless you get a ton of them. Once you get a lot of them, they are no longer cost effective, because there are much more efficient lighting options available. This article explains how many CFLs you need per plant.

Grow lights are expensive. Regular light bulbs are not.

They are sold in tubes (like these, which are good for larger indoor gardens) or compact bulbs that go into a regular lamp socket.

Can Any LED Light Be Used As A Grow Light?

If you do use incandescent bulbs, make sure you don’t place them too close to the plants.

They use more power to get the same output and they give off a substantial amount of heat. For these reasons, we generally do not recommend using them for your plants.

Types Of Light Bulbs Available

But should you use regular bulbs?

Since they give off a large amount of light that is powerful enough to flower any plant, HID lights are still the light of choice for most commercial indoor growers, although LED lights are slowly taking that crown (read more about HPS versus LED lights).

Halogen light bulbs for growing weed

Halogen lights run in the 2700k – 3200k range of the spectrum. Fine for flowering, not ideal for veg. However the problem is halogens kick out an enormous amount of heat for the wattage used thus rendering them wholly inadequate for growing cannabis.

Stick to HPS and CFL's. And maybe LED if you're brave lol.

Light is generated by moving a charged particle (e.g. electron, proton.) The bigger the change in energy states, the more energetic the photon, and thus the higher frequency/lower wavelength. A basic way to generate light is to heat something up. The particles are all moving differently, but they have an average energy which is the temperature. This is how an incandescent/halogen light works. The problem with the method is that you have a wide distribution of energies and thus a wide distribution of wavelengths. Thus, you end up producing wasteful photons in the infrared spectrum.

They use way too much energy, produce too little usable spectrum, and they generate more heat than is necessary. They're terrible choices for a grow room.

I read the basic guide on the here but im just curious as to why specifically is halogen and if incandescent cant be used. Does it deal with the light spectrum?