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Harlequin Seeds
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Harlequin Info

PLANT TYPE80% Sativa 20% Indica
THCUp to 7%
CBD5–10% CBD
DIFFICULTYModerately difficult to grow
CLIMATEIndoors or Outdoors (best in sunny climate)
FLOWERS8 to 9 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 ounce per 3x3ft

Harlequin Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eyes

The Harlequin cut has been circulating the medical cannabis scene for quite a while now. One of the first strains that produced high concentrations of CBD aka Cannabidiol, a cannabinoid produced in cannabis that has been found to treat numerous medicinal conditions ranging from inflammation to nausea to inhibition of cancer cell growth. The Harlequin will put your body in a perfectly medicated state while keeping the mind free of the usual psychoactive effects of cannabis. The Harlequin produces sweet buds with high resin production and a thick hash flavor. It is definitely a pleasure to smoke and a non-psychoactive effect that can still be felt as the aches and pains melt away.

We wanted to create a hybrid that could offer the medicinal grower the opportunity to experiment and select from interesting phenotypes that may carry the high CBD trait in it. We hope to reintroduce CBD genetics back into the cannabis gene pool through our efforts. While each phenotype will contain genes from the Harlequin, expression of the high CBD trait is not guaranteed. The Harlequin Jo will produce rock hard buds covered in golden powder. The smells of spices and sweet currant may be experienced in the Harlequin Jo.

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  6. Eva Feminized Nexus is a hybrid involving a very citric Brazilian plant plus a sativa blue family. Indoors is essentially a columnar structure, tiny amount of branches, permitting more samples to x meters and attain increased yields, with central buds Laros, very compressed and resinous. Scents of earth and berries. Effect sativa but physically tranquil and extremely inventive. Growing easily both in interior and exterior. Appropriate for beginners and initiates.

  7. This is a great genetic combination sold by several seed companies including Seedsman Seeds due to its high quality.

  8. Biddy Early Feminized Seeds are old school Magus Genetic’s seeds now taken on by Serious Seeds who seek to maintain the high standard of souvenir marijuana seeds produced by both Serious Seeds and Magus Genetics.

  9. These Ministry of Cannabis Nepalese Dragon takes the very top of the countries around the Himalaya. A Nepalese father has become crossed using a north Indian mother to get this beautiful F1 hybrid. Nepalese Dragon seeds are a 50/50 mix of Sativa and Indica genetics.

  10. Another automatic Sativa put at your disposal! Auto Nefertiti is a plant with a strong flavor, mint and a touch of Haze. This has a strong odor Sativa Haze and is similar to Nefertiti, but with hints of citrus, strawberry and orange. It looks fluffy and a large flower resin elongated snow.

  11. Large yields should be expected using the pure variety, The Pure is amazingly homogenous, and is also wonderfully adapted regarding all growing methods. Whether she is being cultivated inside a greenhouse, indoors or in the fantastic outdoors, the Pure is a strain that conveys the best of both its Indica and Sativa heritage.

  12. Infinity is the sweet successor to the award-winning genetics of Burmese x Fucking Incredible that I helped develop during my years at VISC; not a replacement but a complement in your garden. An extremely easy to grow, fantastic yielding beauty, Infinity shines indoors or out. Soil really brings out her incredible flavor; in water flip to bud as soon as your cuttings roots are revealed.

  13. Sirius Skunk. F1 hybrid integrating NL5, Big Bud and Gaian Haze. Resilient outside and inside; a genuine all rounder. Has got the uplift of Haze, the vitality of Northern Lights 5 and stoning power from the Big Bud. This twisted family creates an offspring which is 50% Gaian Haze, 25% NL5 and 25% Big Bud. The three parents are renowned producers so as opposed to acquiring the better of one entire world you possess the greatest of three. Below is the doggen sirius stuff. Would definitely might be barking mad to overlook it. The Armageddon Skunk strain. Oh my goodness gratious, This here is the finish of our existence as you may know it! It’s really a bolt from the blue to understand that Armageddon Skunk is really a F1 hybrid merging the very best Maple Leaf / G13 Hash plant / Big Bud. It’s actually a revelation to examine this type of holy trinity in perfect equilibrium. (The primary attractor that lies at the conclusion of history calling your reputation.) Armageddon Skunk – as recommended by four horsemen. “”Smeg! I’m famished,”” said Famine. “”I feel completely dead,”” said Death. “”War? Within this state?”” said War. “”Not today, thanks,”” said Pestilence. Prepare to meet thy fate (11:59). The Armageddon Sirius strain.This strain produced from the most effective selling Genetics developed originally by Pukka Seeds features Maple Leaf, G13 Hash plant, Big Bud, Northern Lights and Gaian Haze. A 50% combination of Sirius Skunk which is actually a F1 hybrid incorporating NL5, Gaian Haze, and Big Bud. Resilient outside and inside; a genuine all rounder. A relationship of complete duality binding yang and ying as one from two. Hear the decision, join the march, prepare yourself to become united with all the psychedelic goddess.

  14. Through cautious breeding we’ve created one of our most prominent strains, it is called The Ultimate since it combines several of the heaviest yields we’ve seen with authentic connoisseur quality. It expands to a peak of 60-75cm, perfect for the indoor grow room. Blooming period is 8-10 weeks, with intense bud development in the final 2 weeks. The Ultimate (50% Indica, 50% Sativa) will need ample nutrients throughout the growth cycle and is also resistant against molds and rot rendering it a reliable greenhouse choice as well. Our growers have not seen a plant yield as heavily having this quality level. It is a recession busting strain of grand proportions and is proven to not ever disappoint. This strain has already been setting new standards within the Dutch commercial growers and is also set to turn into a Dutch Passion legend.

  15. NL5 x Haze presented by Mr Nice Seeds a Northern Lights by Haze cross this addition belonging to the Mr Nice seedbank is among the ultimate classics, maintaining a finely tuned harmony of Indica and Sativa properties. This marijuana seed premiered in the second influx of hybrid development and remains still to be amongst the most successful strains coming from its era. The mix of Haze and Northern Lights are almost ideal compliments. For that reason this cannabis seed is broadly regarded to be a high-point in cannabis genetics, several cannabis scholars look at her unsurpassed, to this day.

  16. A Crossed selection involving a real Skunk blessed by automatic gene, with an additional automatic line from Alaska. The outcome is automatic higher plant of an amazing production and extremely powerful that take in flavors and new texture with a dash of bitter chocolate and licorice. We put on your fingertips a brand-new generation of automatic plants that is going to fill the mouth area with a bizarre intensity that might stream your system.