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harry potter seeds

Harry potter seeds

Use the seeds in the greenhouse, pick a pot and choose a plant to produce based on the seeds you have. You need the water required and wait to harvest your rewards. But if while you are waiting you can use the Herbivicus spell to increase the harvest

Angel’s Trumpet Seed

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Here you have a videoguide about greenhouses and how to produce ingredients through seeds

Harry potter seeds

Once you’ve opened your Greenhouse of choice, select Growing from the tab at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the player plant pot.

Like Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges, growing Ingredients is a communal activity. If you come across a Greenhouse that is glowing green, this means that another player has planted an Ingredient inside it.

Seeds and Water are more likely to spawn near an Inn, Fortress or Greenhouse, so if you are having trouble finding either then try walking to one of these in-game landmarks.

How to find Seeds and Water in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

When they have finished growing, Ingredients will appear on the map surrounding the Greenhouse they have been grown in. The newly grown Ingredients will stay on the map for 60 minutes, before vanishing.

How to use Seeds and Water in the Harry Potter mobile game.

How to grow Ingredients in Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Before beginning your wizarding adventure, you’ll want to join a Hogwarts House in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. After that you’ll need to learn how to battle, so you can compete in Wizarding Challenges at Fortresses or how to use Greenhouses, so that you can perform Potion Master Notes. You can also unlock Portkey Portmanteaus and choose a profession from Auror, Magizoologist or Professor. Don’t forget to take part in the monthly Community Day event either!

Greenhouses are where you can grow Ingredients in Harry Potter Wizards Unite. These are Ingredients that can’t be found on the map and are used to brew some of the best potions in Wizards Unite.

Harry potter seeds

As we mentioned, plants grown in a greenhouse can be community resources, meaning anyone can come and gather the harvest when it’s ready. Players will get the same yield whether there is one person or 20 gathering the harvest. To increase the harvest yield, players can cast a Herbivicus Spell on the plant. Anyone is allowed to cast the spell and it will increase the yield for all players. This is a great way for an active community to work together to increase their resources quickly.

Greenhouses serve two different purposes. They provide quick resources and also a place to grow community resources as well. To gather free resources, players need to enter a nearby greenhouse. When they enter, they’ll encounter three potted plants floating in the air. Tap on the leaves of one of the potted plants and swipe up to “pick” it. This action will cause the rewards to release. Your rewards will often be a combination of spell energy and potion ingredients.

The other use for greenhouses is top grow additional spell ingredients. Here’s how to do it:

If you look on your Wizards Unite map, you may see a blue, glass building. This is a greenhouse. Greenhouses, Inns and Fortresses are the three building types you’ll find in Wizards Unite and each serves a specific purpose. While greenhouses can be a great way to grab some extra spell energy and ingredients, it’s also a great place for community members to work together to grow valuable potion ingredients. Potions are used for everything from healing to increasing the effectiveness of your spells so they are a resource you’ll find quite useful as you progress through the game. If you are having trouble finding a greenhouse in your neighborhood, the best bet is to go to areas where people often gather. Parks, Libraries, Historical sites and other points of interest are great places to find greenhouses. You’ll usually find Fortresses and Inns nearby as well.

How to Use Spells and Harvest with Friends

If you’ve just started playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, chances are you’ve run into a building called a Greenhouse. Greenhouses serve several purposes in the game, but their use isn’t immediately apparent. If you’re curious about any aspects of Wizards Unite’s greenhouses, we’ve put together a complete guide to the structures including tips for growing ingredients, brewing potions, finding seeds and water and more.

IMPORTANT: Once a plant is fully grown, you will have 30 minutes to collect the resource before it disappears, so be sure to pay attention to when the plant is ready to harvest, so you don’t miss out!

As you will have noticed, to plant something in the Greenhouse requires having a specific number of seeds and water. If there is a particular resource you want to grow, we’ve provided a list of the seeds and water needed to produce these items. Seeds and water are one of the many resources found on the map. Seeds will look like rectangular packages on the ground and water will look like a watering can icon. Tap on these items on your map to collect them.

How To Use Greenhouses: On Growing and Gathering Resources