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harvesting and drying cannabis seeds

Harvesting and drying cannabis seeds

Cannabis is for the most part dioecious, meaning that the male and female reproductive organs exist on two separate plants (although hermaphroditic plants do occur). It is also a wind-pollinated plant, so pollen must be transferred from a male stamen to a female pistil via the air in order for pollination to occur and seeds to form.

The Benefits of Long-Term Storage

Deseeding cannabis can be done by hand or machine. This process typically takes place after the plant has been dried for one to two weeks after harvest. This way, seeds will have reached their maximum maturity and plant material will be brittle enough to break apart with minimal effort.

Collecting Pollen

When it comes time to use frozen seeds, remove them from their container and let them sit out on a dry surface for several hours. Letting the seeds reach room temperature will help ensure a successful germination.

Place the trimmed buds into some type of airtight container. Most people use wide-mouth quart or half-gallon glass mason jars, but you can also use ceramic, metal, or wood vessels.

When dry trimming, drying happens first and then buds are trimmed; in wet trimming, vice versa.

When wet trimming, you’ll place trimmed buds on a drying rack.

Curing cannabis buds

If buds are too dry, you can add a humidity pack, such as a Boveda pack, to rehydrate buds.

Once buds are dry, it’s time to cure them.

How long does it take to dry cannabis?

Pack buds loosely in containers without compacting or crushing them. Seal containers and store in a cool, dry, dark place.

When curing cannabis, it should be done in a room or space that has a stable temperature and humidity—dank, wet basements or hot, muggy attics aren’t ideal. The space should maintain room temperature and not be too humid.

Harvesting and drying cannabis seeds

This is a delicate time period for your plant, and drying needs to happen for just the right amount of time. After clipping the stalks you want to use, trim each one of its fan leaves, place your bud in jars, and allow them to cure. Pay close attention to the jars’ temperature, humidity levels, and venting points for best yields.

All cannabis buds and byproducts rely on the quality and care of the original seed, clone, or mother plant. Healthy cannabis seeds are dark brown and have deep tiger-like stripes. If your seeds are green, they aren’t fully mature yet.

Finally, we have reached the act of seed harvesting itself. Your plants still need to undergo the usual cannabis harvesting process before you can collect your seeds.

Once your taproots grow a few centimeters, the seed is ready for planting. Different strains respond best to a variety of blends of soil and nutrients. Research your strain’s preferences to give your plant the best foundation possible.

How to Harvest Seeds, Buds, and Your High

Female plants are often considered the only useful cannabis plants since they have higher THC content, and they produce both seeds and buds. They can even produce seeds on their own and without the pollination process if the growing conditions don’t offer any other method of it. This process produces feminized seeds.

And if you want to strictly grow for the sake of harvesting seeds, you can try a colloidal silver spray that stresses the female plant and forces it to produce seeds. This and other silver-based sprays that help with seed production also make your plants entirely unsmokeable. Be sure to only use it if you don’t intend to use the buds.

Some growers even choose to go the hydroponic route when growing their cannabis. This no-soil cultivation method gives growers a new way to care for and raise their plants.

All About Cannabis Seeds

After your plant’s ripening period following fertilization, you will finally be ready to begin the harvesting process. Before you can get to harvest your seeds, you still have to follow the usual cannabis curing process.

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