Health Canada Intends to “Mail it In” on Medical Marijuana Growing Issue

Health Canada Intends to “Mail it In” on Medical Marijuana Growing Issue

Now that health Canada is finally admitting that they find themselves overwhelmed and underequipped to keep track of what they claim to be abuses of the Canadian medical marijuana grow operations and the licenses that they issue. They claim to have a logical fix for the problem, ‘Mail it in!’ Health Canada Intends on eliminating the issuance of all medical marijuana growers’ licenses and somehow replace the need with a mail order system that would send your medical marijuana to you in the mail.

Canadians love two things, their medical marijuana and planting a seed in the ground. Currently, Canada boasts over 20,000 registered medical marijuana patients. Each of these 20,000 mmj patients possesses the academic potential to grow their own medical marijuana in their own homes, as it should be. Needless to say this has created a broken system, almost by design. The needed manpower to inspect this type of ill-conceived system was never clearly defined. Health Canada has stated many times that they just don’t have the people to inspect thousands of medical marijuana patients’ and their grow ops’.

“The new system will be designed to eliminate as much abuse as possible while making sure patients who have been prescribed medical marijuana are able to access it.”

Health Canada – if they have their way, will discontinue issuing the two different classes of medical marijuana licenses. 1.) Medical marijuana patients will no longer have permission to cultivate their own medicine. 2.) Caregivers will no longer be able to cultivate medical marijuana for mmj patients in their charge.

Both licenses would be discontinued in favor of a mail-order marijuana system.