Health Officials Back Cannabis Use To Kick Lethal Drugs

Health Officials Back Cannabis Use To Kick Lethal Drugs

“Encouraging public to start using pot to kick drug addiction”, sounds pretty odd doesn’t it? Well, it’s what’s happening in the South American cocaine capital, Bagota, in Colombia. Public Health Officials in the capital city of Bagota are venturing into a pilot program wherein they encourage the addicts of lethal and deadly toxic drugs to start using marijuana, which is an alternative to get high, which is less addictive and dangerous.

Within no time since the launch of the program, it has garnered much public attention. The city of Bagota is famous for its local drug “Basuco” which is made from the residue of cocaine. Chemical substances such as solvents and kerosene are also used in the making process of Basuco. Some manufacturers of this drug even use ash and crushed bricks to make it more effective. Experienced users say that it is much cheaper than original cocaine, and as far as the high is concerned, it is worth the bucks spent.

However, health officials who took the samples of Basuco for their research revealed shocking facts. Basuco is severely addictive, deadly poisonous and extremely harmful to the body. People who get addicted to Basuco can face a lot of health issues ranging from lack of concentration, damaged memory and lack of ability, to associate concurrent events. Studies have proven that children who were exposed to this drug were found with poor academic performance. Educating the public about the hazards of Basuco and helping them kick out the habit of using it, was somewhat unimaginable for the public health officials, given that people were so addicted to the drug. Although it sounds pretty odd, offering the public an alternative to Basuco has already proven to be successful in some parts of the capital city already.

Studies are going on in Columbia regarding developing a light marijuana alternative which can give a high and at the same time not create any health impacts. However, the obvious United State’s de facto ban on financing any studies on the benefits of pot, and on smoking weed effects, retards these studies to an extent. The fact that marijuana has long been used safely by millions of people does not seem to influence the authorities at the White House.

A recent study initiated by Dr. Sean Breen in California on smoking weed effects reveals that marijuana could be effectively used to reduce the symptoms of deadly drug withdrawal symptoms like vomiting, cramps, nausea and insomnia. Efficient governmental policies and advanced researches are necessary for lifting the deadly drug status of pot now.