Heavyweight Seeds Review

Heavyweight Seeds Review

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Welcome to Heavyweight Feminised Seeds ultimate collection, we offer one of the largest selections of Heavyweight Feminised Seeds varieties online with new Heavyweight Feminised Seeds strains being introduced all the time. We ship Heavyweight Seeds worldwide and discreetly so give us a try today! You won’t be disappointed. This January are you looking for indoor Heavyweight Feminised Seeds? Outdoor seeds? feminized seeds? Or are you looking for Heavyweight Feminised Seeds based on flowering times; you can even choose the height of the plants!

3 thoughts on “Heavyweight Seeds Review”

  1. The genetics from this bushy-looking plant, with rock solid shoots, derive from crossing an incredibly famous Dutch strain (awarded several cups) and our very best Kush, which improves production. Real premium quality hashish flavour and pleasant, long-lasting effect. Renowned for its medicinal usage. Its vegetative period is lengthier than in other strains within the catalogue, and it also supplies a high quantity of resin, being excellent for hashish production

  2. Honeysuckle, a wonderfully sweet and tangy plant with strong effects. Honeysuckle produces dense and resin-coated buds that have hints of sweet fruit and aspects of sour tang that make it an enticing product with a very tasty smoke. Being a sativa hybrid, it grants mental and full body sensations that will be sure to please all. Thankfully, Honeysuckle yields well and does not make you wait long to enjoy the fruit of your labour.

  3. Possibly one of the world’s most famous plants. A variety that never gets old because it is very hard to beat something that is well done. Very productive plant that does not create any problems for cultivation. Aroma and flavour just like candy.