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hell cat seeds

If your idea of hell is a weak marijuana strain, then prepare to meet Hell’s OG marijuana seeds. This rare indica-dominant hybrid comes with euphoric sensations that simmer down into couchlock and the munchies.


If your idea of hell is a weak marijuana strain, then prepare to meet the Hell’s OG marijuana strain. This rare indica-dominant hybrid truly made hell freeze over with its whopping THC content of 33% on average. Holy cow. We can’t name a single marijuana strain that has a higher THC percentage than Hell’s OG marijuana seeds. This indica is typically found in Colorado only — but now’s your chance to get your hands on these rare seeds.

We completely understand if you’re thrown off by 33% THC. We cannot stress this enough — Hell’s OG is not recommended for novice or inexperienced marijuana smokers. If you can get past the THC count and enjoy this strain, we bet you won’t be able to find anything more relaxing or sedating. Hell’s OG comes with deep, sedative powers that can knock you on your butt for the rest of the night.

Hell cat seeds

Freddy's Fuego Premium Indoor Grown Flower.
Gorgeous lime green hue with perfectly contrasting orange hairs, covered in a forest of bulbous trichomes. Super sticky buds with an insane Dutch Treat/ XJ-13/ Jack Herer like aroma mixed with a heavy diesel aroma.

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**Available in 1g, 3.5g, 7g and 28g units**

Pheno Hunting is a key component to our brand, we're always researching to innovate & propel the palette of craft cannabis. We source our seeds from world renowned cannabis breeders such as Seed Junky Genetics, Skunk House Genetics, Exotic Genetix, Swamp Boys Seeds, Oni Seed Co and many more!

Hell cat seeds

With teeth like a bear trap that got in a fight with a chainsaw, Dionaea GJ Hellcat is one unique flytrap. Notice the alternating lengths of the cilia – one long, two short. Super unique, super rare, and only one available, so act fast!


They grow easily outdoors in temperate climates, or in greenhouses. Some photos feature a clump of my propagation stock of these unique Venus flytraps, and you will receive one mature plant from this group with your purchase. Shipping options are outlined below, and as little as $5.00 for first class shipping, regardless of quantity of Venus flytraps ordered from my shop (Jeremiah’s Plants).

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