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herbs that grow like weeds

Herbs that grow like weeds

There are a number of weeds used as beneficial herbs. Some of the most common ones include the following:

Weeds are adapted to conditions in the area where they grow. Many weeds appear to spring up wherever the soil is cultivated. Some are simply the result of the conditions of your landscape. While most people consider a weed to be nothing more than a nuisance, some of the most common garden weeds are actually beneficial herbs.

Not only do some of the most common lawn and garden weeds exhibit edible or medicinal properties, but many of them produce lovely flowers as well. So before you pluck that weed from the garden, give it another good look. You may be surprised to learn that your so-called weed requires a space in the herb garden instead.

Common Weeds Used as Beneficial Herbs

Herbs that grow like weeds

Amy Jeanroy is a master gardener and farm homesteader who has operated a greenhouse business since 1999. She served as the herbal gardening expert for The Spruce for eight years. Using her expertise in herbalism, she makes and sells herbal soaps, tinctures, salves, teas, and recipes at farmers' markets in Maine. She has also authored three books on canning and fermenting foods.

Mint (Mentha spp.)

Chives are easy herbs to grow, and they are certainly hardy. They can survive through cold winters with no added protection, such as mulch. And they will keep growing from spring to fall no matter how many times you cut them back. As a bonus, they will bloom in the early summer with some beautiful flowers. Plus, they are a clumping plant, meaning they'll keep increasing their footprint but won't pop up in unexpected spots. Just divide mature clumps every few years to help them maintain their vigor.

Lemon Balm

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