Hindu Kush Seeds

Hindu Kush Seeds
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Hindu Kush Info

PLANT TYPE100% Indica
THCUp to 18%
FLOWERS8 weeks
YIELDS14 to 17 oz per 3x3ft

Hindu Kush Effects

Dry mouth
Dry eye

From up high within the mountain tops around Afghanistan, Northern India and Pakistan come the indica family of Cannabis. Hindu Kush is your standard indica plant. Large broad leaves deep green, nearly blue in colour, and fingers which usually overlap one another. Stocky and short in growth habit with lower branches which grow completely nearly to the top level. Flower clusters are quite dense and form completely across the branches. Really heavy resin production, early maturation, and great yields are traits from this strain. All this enables to make the Hindu Kush strain a worthwhile plant for breeders and a critical part of several modern hybrids.

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  1. A Fresh addition the barneys farm regular range – Direct from Amsterdam!

  2. From the elevated mountains all around Pakistan, Afghanistan and Northern India come the indica class of Cannabis. Hindu Kush will be your typical indica plant. Massive broad leaves deep greenish hue, almost blue in shade, and fingers that usually overlap one another. Small and stocky in growth habit with smaller branches that grow entirely nearly to the top. Flower clusters are lustrous and form entirely along the branches. Tremendously heavy resin production, quick maturation, and great yields are characteristics with this strain. All of this assists the Hindu Kush strain an important plant for breeders in addition to an important section of many modern-day hybrids.

  3. Lowlife Seeds Seeds Automatic Hindu Kush is truly indica. Combining Hindu Kush, Lowryder and Master Kush, Lowlife Seeds’ Automatic Hindu Kush.

  4. Hindu Kush is yet another heavy indica coming from Nirvana. In the early stages just one of the planets true indicas taken back out of the rugged Hindu Kush mountains. Hindu Kush stays small and possesses wide dark greenish leaves with dense buds developing on thick stems. The smoke features a musty earthy taste and is heavy like hash within the lungs.

  5. Reeferman Seeds presents Hindu Kush x Haze. It is definitely an IBL which was initially belonging to the Skunkman yet never was commercially unveiled by him. It’s a crossbreed of Original Haze and also the Skunkman’s thirty year old Hindu Kush cutting, that the majority of Dutch Hindu Kush strains tend to be produced from. It’s a lemony haze having lengthy lustrous buds generating great yields because of its 50% sativa/indica genetics. The indica dominant phenotypes created in this f5 will be the nearest thing for the genuine Hindu Kush cutting.

  6. Ugly old style bud having an amazing high Medicine buddha (Pakistani Sativa x Big Sur Holy Bud Indica Pheno) medicine buddha certainly won’t win any photo competitions, blind you with crystals, or charm your nasal area, however it will astound you and heal your spirit. This hybrid is focused on the effect and contains 9 week phenos that compare to the highs of some lengthy flowering sativas. This really is pure oldschool bud, and harkens returning to the seed bank times. She will go for 60-80 days, average producer, purple hued tinged buds with lengthy pistills, soft flowered purp aroma, deep therapeutic effect. It is a restricted release as a result of without having the male any longer. If only I would have crafted a greater # of these, so please develop these out and share all of them with friends. These seed projects were manufactured in a natural biodynamic growing environment using the utmost care, meditation, respect, and good vibes, utilizing the best parental selections coming from a small but astounding gene pool.

  7. The Seed Bank of 7 Dwarfs Marijuana were able to produce a selection of marijuana strains which are both autoflowering and female cannabis plants, sounds similar to the holy grail. These feminized pot seeds are available in packs of 5. Gigantes is known as a new strain via the 7 Dwarfs Seedbank and is produced by utilizing the best genetics from White Widow & Ruderalis. 7 Dwarfs Seeds is the latest edition for the ‘auto-seed’ community, and therefore are thus the most up-to-date collectable for those serious marijuana enthusiasts.

  8. Reeferman Seeds presents Love Potion #2 which is an amazing hybrid of Santa Marta Colombian Gold and G-13 backcrossed using the original Santa Marta Colombian Gold male. It possesses a skunky, piney, sweet, lemony aroma. Reeferman Love Potion #2 leans greatly towards the Santa Marta Colombian Gold side because of a further backcrossing using a superior Santa Marta Colombian Gold. They’re extremely resinous and also have a knockout lemony fragrance.

  9. Speed Queen is a tough and stocky indica having a thicker primary stem (green or with distinct scarlet coloring) and fleshy leaves. She provides resinous and compact buds which have excellent bag appeal soon after drying. One pheno provides the scrumptious fragrance of citrus and orange. The additional blends this particular freshness along with a more skunky/pungent note. This indica will certainly fit well within grow areas where smaller plants are required. To a huge extent the bud leaves are coated in THC glands, however harvesting is really a speedy operation because almost all buds stay nice and chunky. Speed Queen is not picky or challenging to grow. Mandala strains make use of nutrition very effectively and grow properly with lower levels of feeding on quality soil. Because of her vigor and speedy flowering time this particular strain is ideal for amateur gardeners and SOG farming which is designed for maximum number of crops annually.

  10. When the original Flo was crossed with a pure Indica, Sagarmatha arrived at this dynamite F1 hybrid with purple hues. She is a very unique Indica/Sativa hybrid .

  11. A Nepalese hash plant and Afghani Hawaiian combination – G13 and Haze – another great addtion to the Soma Seedbank range.

  12. The Seedbank of 7 Dwarfs Marijuana have had the prospect to produce a selection of cannabis strains which are both equally female and autoflowering cannabis plants. Trojan is a brand-new strain from the Seedbank of 7 Dwarfs Seedbank is produced by taking the ideal genetics from Lowryder 2, NYC Diesel and Original Lowryder. 7 Dwarfs Seeds are the latest release to the ‘auto-seed’ community, and are therefore the latest collectable for all serious marijuana enthusiasts.

  13. Tundra is a hybrid involving an auto flowering Indica/Ruderalis and our outdoor winner Passion #1. We selected Passion #1 for it’s outstanding outdoor attributes: healthy (pest resistant), early flowering and strong, soft smoke and superb flavor. Lemon, spicy, and grapefruit.