Hockey Rink To Become Marijuana Factory

Hockey Rink To Become Marijuana Factory

The news that the hockey rink in Muskoka town of MacTier is to become a prospective marijuana factory to make marijuana medicine, has gained wide media attention. A media report reveals that the councilors had secretly voted to come to a point to lease the public property, for the purpose of building the factory. The factory will be managed by a private firm.

The news brought about mixed from reaction from the people. The proposed rink where the factory is going to be built is close by a residential area, with about 1000 people living in it. Steven Schell, one of the residents in the cottage town of MacTier, said in an interview that he was surprised by the news. The MacTier Community center is located quite close, about 67 meters away from the prospective place for the factory. The community center has long been the place where local marriages, community programs and faith-related functions are conducted. Many of the residents are concerned now, about what it would be like if the children get exposed to the marijuana growing field, when they’re playing in the community center.

It was last week that the councilors of the Georgian Bay Township voted unanimously in favor of a marijuana factory to be built at the place of the hockey rink in Muskoka. The councilors’ meeting had been kept totally secret, and no media ever got an inkling of the news until the meeting got over, and the decision for the factory was unanimously passed.

Upon being asked about the news, Mayor Larry Braid claimed that the decision would indeed give a better result for the municipality. He said that the project was expected to create about 30 jobs, and add strength to the economy. The municipality had to shell out $250,000 a year to maintain the hockey rink, and it was a huge expenditure. Now, with the decision to lease out the property for the factory, it turns out to be a means of revenue, as well as an employment booster-Braid opined.

The council also ensured the public that the factory would be restricted to make marijuana medicine.

However, there have been collective protests from a large number of members from MacTier community. They expressed their concern that the marijuana factory would result in shutting down the community center in the long run. They were also concerned about the danger of children growing up around a marijuana growing farm.