Holy Smoke Seeds Review

Holy Smoke Seeds Review

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Holy Smoke Seeds offer both regular marijuana seeds and female cannabis seeds from a very select pool of genetics. Offering some of the finest genetics to some from a blend of Africa and European origins, Holy Smoke Seeds are fast securing their place as a very select seedbank offering only premium cannabis genetics.

3 thoughts on “Holy Smoke Seeds Review”

  1. This traditional F1 hybrid is surely an absolute winner! A strain that should be well looked after. The result is a sizeable plant with a hazey flavor plus a great high.

  2. TGA Subcool Seeds Vortex is now available! A TGA favourite mixed with a new age strain. This hybrid is the resultant cross between Apollo 13 and Space Queen, creating an ultimate combo of Sativa dominant genetics. Again another great strain from TGA Subcool Marijuana Seeds.

  3. BC God Bud via the BC Bud Depot. Don’t be deterred from the enormity with the name it IS THAT superb. Although slightly displaying some Sativa features this King Kong cannabis strain is widely deemed Indica dominant, having these seeds quite definitely desired. This multiple award winning seed is accredited with delivering the Cup to C