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homemade indoor weed growing kit

Homemade indoor weed growing kit

Prompted by my daughters middle school project, might as well try to build a mini grow box. I have seen similar kits for hundreds of dollars online so how cheap could I make it and for it to do about the same thing.

Step 1: Materials

Electrical Wire 3 prong (I used one from an old appliance I had but I am sure Lowes has them cheap)

Step 4: Step Four: Reflective Material

Materials will depend on what size you want the box to be. In this case, the box was 33″ tall x 18.5″ wide x 18″ deep to house starter plants and those that will reach a max height of about 24″. Of course, if you wish to build bigger, add to the below supplies. No special tools needed, just a drill, circular saw, knife, square, and a tape measure. A multi-meter would be helpful if your kind of new to electrical stuff.

Homemade indoor weed growing kit

Once your shelving, lights, and wiring is all good to go, pull out your panda film or mylar and start wrapping the rack to create your tent. Because the tent is made to keep all of your light inside, reflecting, and focused on your plant, make sure that there are no light leaks and that your chosen wrap creates a floor and a roof to completely encase the structure. Leave one side of your box open and create a door using more of your chosen tape and with a pair of velcro or magnetic adhesive strips. You’ll need to access the inside of the tent to water and feed your plant(s), adjust the light height, and eventually, harvest your buds, so making sure your door is both accessible and light-sealed is important.

To recap, here’s a checklist of everything you’ll need for your DIY grow tent:

Traditionally, the structural bones of a grow tent were made out of PVC pipe or wood. For the construction novice though, using a ready-made wire rack for your grow tent frame is by far the easiest option. The removable, adjustable shelving units will allow you to easily hang lights, fans, and hold your plants without building a micro-ballast or custom shelves. A standard 36” x 12” x 54” shelving unit is perfect for housing 1-2 plants, while a wider 36” x 24” x 54” rack could potentially fit 3-4 small pots.

You’ll also need one or two small fans (clip-ons work well), a ventilation fan, a short length of ventilation ducting, a bunch of zip ties, a few rolls of duct tape and a couple of magnetic or velcro strips, and an automatic timer for your lights. Of course, you’ll also need cannabis plants and the hydroponic set-up or living soil they will grow in, but that’s a whole different list of steps, supplies, and decisions.

What material do you need for a DIY grow tent?

Indoor growing is all about creating a micro-environment for your plants. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Thanks to the legalization green rush, the cannabis grow industry is thriving. That means that there are plenty of relatively cheap pre-built grow tents available if you don’t have the time or energy to make one yourself. If you’re committed to a DIY grow tent, though, the first step to sorting out your material list is deciding on a frame and size.

The next step is setting up your ventilation system. To ensure proper ventilation, cut a hole in the top quadrant or roof of your tent and connect your ducting to the exhaust fan and make sure you can funnel the forced air either outside or into an attic or basement to keep the eventual odor down. If you’re really worried about the smell of your indoor grow, install a carbon filter in the middle of the exhaust set-up. If you want to get fancy, set up a thermometer, humidifier, and dehumidifier in your grow tent for peak environmental control.

Image lightbox

The first step to assemble your grow tent is putting together your frame, or in our case, the wire shelving rack. Once you’ve put in a top shelf to hang your lights from and a bottom shelf to hold your plant(s), use zip ties or a wire hanging kit to string your light below your highest shelf. Zip tie and duct tape your wires and timer along the frame of the rack. Set up your fans to circulate the air and push any heat generated by the lights towards the top of your shelving.

America’s move towards cannabis legalization has come with plenty of upsides, but if you ask us, the proliferation of homegrown weed is near the top of the list. As more states enact legalization laws that welcome personal pot farming, geography, weather, and residential restrictions are moving many prospective home growers out of the garden and into the garage, basement, or closet.

Homemade indoor weed growing kit

For decades, these types of indoor grow-outs were limited to those with the substantial financial resources necessary to undertake this once expensive and complicated option for Cannabis cultivation.

What Is a Cannabis Grow Kit?

The 1200w grow light system provides full-spectrum lighting that is well suited to indoor marijuana cultivation. The tent kit also provides a carbon-filtered air system that is highly efficient in removing any dust or odor that might exist within your tent.

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