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how do i stop weeds growing in block paving

How do i stop weeds growing in block paving

Place landscape fabric underneath the pavers. Cut the fabric to size with scissors and hold it in place with U-shaped pins. Layer the sand bed over the fabric and install the block paving as you normally would.

Block paving offers an affordable way to create pathways or patios in your landscaping, but the individual blocks provide an opportunity for weeds to squeeze in through the cracks. Not only do the weeds look unattractive, they could cause shifting or damage to the pavers. Stopping weeds in paver areas starts with the installation of the walkway or patio. Continued maintenance to control weeds as soon as they appear prevents the unwanted greenery from taking over your block pavers.

Pull any weeds that grow up through the block paving by hand. A putty knife or special weeding knife helps reach weeds that are in the cracks. Remove as much of the weed and root system as possible and dispose of them so they don’t take root again.

Spray a chemical herbicide on persistent weeds that regrow. Direct the chemicals to the weeds on a calm day so the herbicide doesn’t blow to other nearby plants. Organic herbicides offer an option with fewer harsh chemicals for less potential environmental impact.

How do i stop weeds growing in block paving

But before you get started you should prepare yourself with the following equipment:

1: Weed removal

Just before you sand, go over the areas you have previously cleaned to ensure that no weeds have grown back or that any dirt has been produced.

4. Sealing the gaps

Seeds can embed themselves deep between any gaps and so should be eliminated at the earliest stages to prevent ruining your nicely laid, great looking block paving.

How do i stop weeds growing in block paving

Always test the sealant on an inconspicuous area before applying elsewhere, just in case it has an adverse effect. If you can obtain a small sample before buying to carry this out then so much the better.

Instead, sealing block paving is a highly-recommended method of sealing, stabilising and protecting the block paving effectively. It is also one of the most successful steps you can take to stop weeds from establishing, growing and returning.

Choosing the Right Sealant

In terms of cost, you really do get what you pay for. Generally speaking, the more expensive the sealant, the better it will be.

If you buy and use a cheaper product you may find yourself having to seal again in a year or two.

Preparing the Area

Before you start, make sure to select the right sealant for the specific type of paving you have – concrete or clay. There are a wide range of sealants available and you would be best advised to select one that is specifically suited to your type of paving, to minimise issues from arising.