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how do you grow weed in your closet

How do you grow weed in your closet

For a plant that’s so widely cultivated and consumed, cannabis can be a tricky to coax into full bloom, especially when growing at home. Myriad factors influence the final product: lighting, temperature, air circulation, nutrients, growing methods, and many more among them. This can be intimidating for beginner growers who want to get started but aren’t quite sure how. If tools and terms like TDS pens, NPK value, pH stability, and “nutrient burn” make you want to wilt, don’t worry – for one thing, you’re not alone, and for another, you can still grow cannabis indoors like a pro.

Episode 1: Choosing Your Setup

Episode 2 introduces the steps of successful germination, breaking down the materials you’ll need to turn your seeds into cannabis sprouts. You’ll need a medium for the seeds, a pH testing kit, a TDS pen, a water basin, a seedling tray, a humidity dome, and a seedling heat mat. With your materials assembled, you’ll then learn how to alter the pH in your water supply to achieve stability, how to inspect your seeds and weed out the bad ones prior to planting, and how to ensure that your environment is actively encouraging seedling growth. In a few days, you’ll check back on the seeds to see how you’ve done.

Episode 2: Germinating

In the interest of providing a gateway for aspiring growers to plant their first cannabis crops, SuperCloset, which offers a variety of customizable and award-winning grow cabinets, hydroponic systems, and grow rooms to suit DIY growers’ needs, has developed a comprehensive series of instructional videos covering everything you need to know to grow. In these episodes of the Grow Like a SuperPro series, Rory will cover everything you need to know in order to set up your own indoor cannabis garden and make the most of your space as you get your seedlings started.

How do you grow weed in your closet

Now that you know just some of the advantages of cultivating ganja in a closet, you’re probably wondering if it’s actually possible. Clearly, it is, as many have managed to successfully do so; in fact, people have been using their closets for cannabis production for decades (this method of growing has been practiced for so long that it’s actually been given its own term: “closet grow” and now we have grow tent brands whose namesake is built off the closet grow, like fan favorite SuperCloset for example).

Some of our recommendations for both options include the following:

3. Total control and better results.

Obviously, all plants, including weed, need light in order to grow. Since most closets are windowless, they’re naturally dark, but even if the closet you’re using does have windows, your plants won’t receive adequate amounts of sunlight, so you definitely need to get some grow lights.



Mirrors are very helpful for growing in your closet. Simply place a mirror around the bottom of the cannabis pots. The light reflecting from the bottom will help your buds to receive all the light they need, and you’ll likely produce a much better harvest than you would have without one.

Obviously, if you’re the homeowner you’re good to go. As long as you’re not going around telling your entire neighborhood about it, then you should have nothing to worry about.

You will need to know the temperature of the closet you’re growing in. The ideal temperature for a growing room is in the mid 70s.


This will be needed to hang your LED light.

Almost anyone can do it, and if done correctly, imagine never having to go to a dispensary again? Not that we’re hating on dispensaries, many of them are awesome. However, think of all the travel and wait time, and how pricey they can be.

Most people freak out when they hear this word. But don’t worry. We’re not saying you need to spray your plants with terrible chemicals that will harm your body. There are many all natural forms of pest control. For example, many bugs are repelled by eucalyptus oil. Simply soak some towels with this oil and spread the towels around the pots to help prevent pests.

A Mirror

Editors note: We are not lawyers. We are not law experts. Please consult with local and federal law experts before partaking in this activity.

If you learn the art of growing weed in your own home, then you’ll get a lot of self-satisfaction. There’s no better way to smoke ganja than toking up on your own homegrown flower. You really gain an appreciation for the cannabis plant when you plant the seed and nurture it until it’s ready to be harvested. Not only that, but it’s a great education. It’s fascinating to learn about the nutrients the plants need. You’ll never view smoking the same way again after growing your own.