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how do you keep weeds from growing between pavers

How do you keep weeds from growing between pavers

When installing or refreshing pavers, weed growth is something to think about. Getting rid of weeds on your patio can seem like a pain because they are experts at finding places to grow.

How to Get Rid of Weeds on a Paver Patio

There are several ways to prevent weeds from growing on your patio again. Baking soda, vinegar, and herbicides can all be used to prevent them from growing back.

Preventing Weeds From Growing on a Paver Patio

While it’s hard to get rid of weeds on a patio once they’ve started to grow, you can set yourself up for success when you first install your pavers.

How do you keep weeds from growing between pavers

Want to go chemical-free? Pour white vinegar or boiling water over the weeds and grass growing between pavers to knock them out.

If you’ll be installing a new patio, you have a couple choices to keep weeds at bay.

Step 3: Chemical-Free Options

How to keep weeds from growing between pavers? How to get rid of grass between paving stones?

Here at Outback Landscape, we have the skills, tools and knowledge to design and install patios that stand the test of time — and stand up to tenacious weeds.

Step 4: Fill and Seal

Which brings us to.

Stop and take a look at the weed and understand how its root system works

The Zen Approach – The Backyard Gymnasium

Leave the flame-treated weeds in place as removing them encourage root seeds and bulbs below to germinate. The burnt weeds will compost naturally in place.

Flaming Torch

Fill a spray bottle with undiluted household white vinegar. (Typically, with a concentration of 5% acetic acid. Make sure to label the bottle and keep out of reach of children.)