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how do you stop weeds growing through block paving

How do you stop weeds growing through block paving

Fill the joints between the block paving with polymeric sand, a special sand product that turns into a solid that still allows flexibility once it is misted with water. The solid joints won’t allow weeds to grow up in the cracks.

Use drip irrigation or a soaker hose to water nearby plants. This keeps the water near the plants you want to keep and away from potential weeds in the block paving. Without adequate water, the weeds are less likely to grow.

Spray a chemical herbicide on persistent weeds that regrow. Direct the chemicals to the weeds on a calm day so the herbicide doesn’t blow to other nearby plants. Organic herbicides offer an option with fewer harsh chemicals for less potential environmental impact.

Remove any existing weeds before installing the block paving. Dig up the roots using a spade or garden trowel. Move the weeds away from the area so they can’t grow again.

Place landscape fabric underneath the pavers. Cut the fabric to size with scissors and hold it in place with U-shaped pins. Layer the sand bed over the fabric and install the block paving as you normally would.

How do you stop weeds growing through block paving

Not only does it prevent weeds from growing through your patio gaps it also protects the colour of your paving slabs and blocks out any harmful UV rays.

Below we have answered some of the more common questions people ask us when learning how to seal block paving to stop weeds growing through. We recommend using our high-quality patio sealers for the best results.

We’ve previously outlined a step by step process for sealing paving slabs which we recommend you read now in full.

Is it necessary to seal block paving?

Modern patio sealers offer many different looks and finishes, and at Universeal we offer formulations for all types of paving, including:

After the sanding is complete, it is advised to seal on the same day, so the sand works alongside the joints as soon as possible.

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That’s why so many customers choose the Universeal range of sealers. Our UK made products are designed to last, are easy to apply, and offer outstanding results each and every time.

Even if you don’t have any weeds growing through your paving slabs or patio yet, prevention is better than cure.

How do you stop weeds growing through block paving

It is crucial to carry out the sealing when the weather is dry to minimise the chance of any moisture build-up within the blocks, as well as surface moisture on top from rain. Aim for some time between May and September to be on the safe side.

Finally, when sealing your block paving, ALWAYS wear appropriate protective clothing and footwear.

Always test the sealant on an inconspicuous area before applying elsewhere, just in case it has an adverse effect. If you can obtain a small sample before buying to carry this out then so much the better.

Preparing the Area

Make sure that traffic is kept off the driveway for 24 hours after sealing and don’t walk on the driveway for four hours, unless the sealer dries before then.

If you buy and use a cheaper product you may find yourself having to seal again in a year or two.

Choosing the Right Sealant

Concentrate on working the sealant into the joints. Work in straight lines, but make sure you don’t end up cut off and stranded when the application is completed. Leave to dry.

Instead, sealing block paving is a highly-recommended method of sealing, stabilising and protecting the block paving effectively. It is also one of the most successful steps you can take to stop weeds from establishing, growing and returning.