How Harmful Can Be Marijuana Smoke?

How Harmful Can Be Marijuana Smoke?

It has been more than 2,000 years since people started using hemp plant and its products like marijuana and hashish. All these years, people have used them to get high.

Researchers have found more than 400 chemicals in marijuana. However, the most important among them is THC. This chemical is responsible for the high effect produced by marijuana. More the amount of THC compound in them, the more will be its high effect. A number of factors, which include the soil conditions, weather factors etc, determine the THC content of marijuana.

Now with advancements in technology and with the use of most modern farming equipments, marijuana cultivators have devised methods to grow hemp plants whose THC contents are much higher. The level of THC content in marijuana plants have gone up considerably. In the year 1974, the THC content in the hemp plant was only 1%. After twenty years, that is in 1994, this level had gone up to 4%. A test during 2008 found that this level has doubled and reached at 9.6%. Sinsemilla, one of the cannabis family members has THC content up to 24%.

Is marijuana better than alcohol?

You may all have a doubt whether the health effects of smoking weed are same or less than that of drinking alcohol. Here are a few marijuana facts, which will help you to take a wise decision. The major content of alcohol is ethanol. This can be also termed as the only content in them. However, when you look into the marijuana contents, we can find more than 400 chemical compounds in them. Some of them are cancer-causing agents like the ones found in tobacco.

In addition, when you consider the smoking habits of weed smokers, we can find that it is potentially more dangerous than what cigarette smokers inhale. This is because weed smokers take in bigger puffs and tend to hold them for a longer period in their lungs, which could be very dangerous.

The alcohol content from your body disappears within few hours, while the THC compound will last in your body for several weeks. Other harmful effects of THC include the damage caused by them to your immune system, while there is no such danger in case of alcohol consumption.

It is also to be noted that researches suggest lower addiction rates for marijuana, which is higher in alcohol. Alcohol can have many ill effects on your liver and other body part; however, cannabis consumption can cause harm only to your lungs, that too only if you consume it by smoking.

Keep in mind that this article in no way is intended to support alcohol or its consumption. We have just used alcohol as a means to compare and find out the harmful health effects of smoking weed.