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how long do outdoor weed plants take to grow

How long do outdoor weed plants take to grow

2-3 months from seed to harvest

Long Anwer:

Here are some of great auto-flowering strains I’ve personally grown and recommend. These are all ready to harvest 8-10 weeks from germination:

Many other breeders also produce great auto-flowering strains (Dutch Passion, FastBuds, Barney’s Farm, etc.), but the following breeders stand out for consistency.

How long do outdoor weed plants take to grow

The best time to harvest outdoors can vary by the garden. Generally, the best time to harvest is when most of the trichomes have changed from a clear color to an amber color. More mature trichomes can produce sedating effects while less mature ones can produce an energetic high.

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As the cannabis plants grow taller and wider, the summer solstice brings a longer period of darkness which stimulates the flowering stage. In autumn, the plant’s flowers are mature and can be harvested.


Grow times for outdoor cannabis gardens vary depending on a variety of environmental and genetic factors.

Environmental factors include:

Germination can take anywhere from one day to a full week. You will know your seed has been germinated when its roots begin to develop along with a couple of leaves sprouting above the ground.


Beyond the latitude, other factors can determine the length of time it takes outdoor cannabis to grow.

No matter where you grow, cannabis has the same stages of growth: germination, seedling, vegetative, flowering, and harvesting.