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how many watts for growing weed led

You will also come across bi-band and tri-band LED lights. The bi-band designs may be insufficient; so, consider choosing tri-bands.

Extra light creates a condition referred to as light saturation point. If you subject your plant to excess light (beyond its saturation point), it may end up growing poorly.

A marijuana plant absorbs more of blue lights than other light colors. The blue lights induce rapid plant growth. And for the germination and blooming it requires green or red light primarily.

The LED grow lights has UV and infra-red rays. So, when you want growth in your plant you can select the UV blue rays and for germination you can select infrared greed or red rays.

Light Intensity

Research reveals that plants benefit from the exploit of red, green, and blue parts of the perceptible light spectrum.

Normally, conventional LED grows lights draw approximately thirty-two watts to light a flowering area of one square foot.

The very first thing you have to consider is the type of plant you’re planning to grow. This is so since LED grow lights are engineered with respect to the type of growth.

What You Should Look for in the LED Light for 4 x 4 Grow Tent?

Well-calculated LED lighting brings the perfect balance of light to supplement and control the plant’s photosynthesis.

How much light does your plant require? Usually, the lighter your plant gets the better. Nevertheless, there is a point when your plant may not need additional light.

How many watts for growing weed led

Growers often measure yields differently from each other. This can make comparing yields kind of like comparing apples to oranges.

Grower Skill & Experience

Before – Notice how leafy these plants are; no light can get down past the top canopy and the floor is in shadow. Way-too-bushy plants like this are prime candidates for defoliation

In fact, many hobbyist growers aren’t as concerned with yields as much as making sure they’re getting the effects they want from their buds… and in my opinion, that’s the right frame of mind. But even if you don’t care that much about yields, it can still be fun to try to beat your own record.

4.) Grow Style

There are many ways to increase CO2 levels, including Generators and Compressed CO2 tanks

You May Need a Better Setup

How many watts for growing weed led

I’ve seen many growers choose to mix LEDs with their HPS bulbs. In fact, combining MH/HPS with a quality LED panel may be a great way to improve the quality of your harvested buds. There are lots of growers who claim that LEDs increase potency and density, as well as bring out the natural smell/taste of your strain. On the flip side, some growers believe that HPS tends to produce “prettier” buds.

LEDs can get pretty pricey, though not all brands! In fact, some great brands are actually some of the cheapest!

Actual Power Consumption: 202W

pics by the very talented LED grower Laughing Buddha!

Advanced Platinum LED Grow Lights

How Far to Keep from Plants: 32″ is the recommended starting distance from the plants.

Average Yields: 4+ ounces – keep in mind that the strain (genetics) and any plant training you do makes a huge difference in your final yields

Actual Power Consumption: 328W

Electric Sky LED grow lights (The Green Sunshine Company)

Grow Space: Between 1.5’x3′ to 2’x4′ grow space

Average Yields: 3-7+ ounces – keep in mind that the strain (genetics) and any plant training you do makes a huge difference in your final yields