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how much cannabis can you grow per square foot

How much cannabis can you grow per square foot

Other helpful pot sizes would be:

To do mainlining, you’d mix topping, LST, lollipopping, and ScrOG. The method is done by topping the third node of the cannabis plant and cutting the lower branches. By doing this, the plant develops equally from the central hub, and by topping it more than once, you can even develop a canopy.

Sea of Green (SOG)

The cultivation of commercial cannabis feels like a less daunting task if you actually research how to properly do it first. You’ll find that in order to produce a good amount of weed at the end of the flowering stage, marijuana plants need adequate grow room. To accomplish that, cultivators need to provide the appropriate conditions for the plants to thrive.

On the other hand, lollipopping can be done on untrained plants, by trimming all the branches of unnecessary growth and only leaving the main bud and the side branches with large buds. This way the plant directs nutrients and energy toward the largest buds.

Low Stress Training

In order to determine the number of plants that can fit per square foot, you’ll need to take the following factors into consideration.

How much cannabis can you grow per square foot

4 plants (3-gallon pots)

Growing Many Plants Shortens the Vegetative Stage But Doesn’t Necessarily Increase Yields

In the flowering stage, the plant rewarded the effort with buds that filled the space where the plant was trained

Should you grow just one or two plants at a time and let them get big?

What’s the “Optimal” Number of Cannabis Plants?

Growing Many Cannabis Plants at a Time

These two plants fill this entire 4’x4′ space, but you could get the same amount of canopy coverage with many smaller plants. It’s up to you to decide how you want to fill your space

Many growers find it more relaxing and enjoyable to grow just a few plants (or even just one). On the other hand, growing many plants at a time produces more strains, more often. The right choice depends on you and your needs.

Keep in Mind! Your yields are limited by the size of your grow light, not the number of plants. Light is like food for your plants and has a direct correlation with yields. The more plants you grow, the less each individual plant will get as far as light. Think of your grow light like a pie, with each additional plant getting a smaller slice to eat every day.

How much cannabis can you grow per square foot

Another method of maximising light penetration for optimal plant development and flower size per square metre is low-stress training. Unlike high-stress methods like topping and pruning, LST manipulates the whole plant to grow more efficiently.

Beginning as of when plants are young, bend the top of the plant horizontally. As branches fight for apical dominance and reach for the light, tie them down as well. Continue until the grow space is filled to your desire.

4. Low-Stress Training (LST)- 2 sq/ft per plant

Pot sizes are kept small—with 11 litres being the maximum—where tall square pots are preferred over larger yet inefficient and shallow round pots. This allows for a maximum number of plants—typically 8–16—per square metre.

The sea of green technique is all about curtailing vegetation time as much as possible while maximising yield and grow space efficiency. A large number of small plants is the goal, rather than fewer larger plants.

Plants are trimmed to control shading of their neighbours, and shaded lower lateral branches that don’t receive much light are removed. This encourages all the plant’s energy to be directed to the larger flower clusters in full light.

With such a short turnaround time, SOG is ideal for smaller spaces like cupboards. With a mother plant and a separate vegetation space, the next lot of plants can be put into flowering the moment the present batch is harvested.

3. Topping- 2-4 sq/ft per plant