How Smoking Marijuana Affects Lungs?

How Smoking Marijuana Affects Lungs?

Smoking marijuana is not considered to be a healthy habit. Moreover, pot smokers are found to suffer several harmful effects after using cannabis. Several studies have shown the severe impacts caused by pot smoking. According to a recent study that was conducted, marijuana was not damaging to the lungs. As per the studies, occasional smoking of marijuana did not affect the lung function negatively.

To conduct studies on the smoking weed effects on lungs, researchers chose 5115 young people for pulmonary analysis test, and study was meant for 20-year-olds with coronary artery disease risk. The main objective of the researchers was to check the functioning of lungs in people who have used marijuana for long years.

According to Dr.Stefan Kertesz, who is an associate professor of preventive medicine at the University of Alabama at Birgmingham, this study did not cover heavy smokers of marijuana. Kertesz told CBS News in an email that “This is not a study focused on the kinds of individuals you would see in t reatment programs for chemical dependence or in the latest ‘Harold and Kumar’ movie”. According to Kertesz, the people included in the study had used only two or three joints in a month.

Finding of researchers

The researchers could not find any such evidence which showed the regular usage of marijuana affected pulmonary activities. The result of the research was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. When the researchers were expecting a negative impact of the drug on lungs, they could find an increase in the lung function for marijuana users. The reason they find is that pot smokers take deeper breaths and this increases their lung functioning.

The researchers found that marijuana usage for more than ten joint years could slightly affect the lung functioning, but not remarkably. The tobacco smokers were found to have their lungs affected considerably due to long term smoking, and relatively more.

Marijuana is found to affect the appetite, mood, pain control, management and other severe symptoms. But according to Kertesz who spoke to CBS News about usage of marijuana by non addicts “seems to pose lower risk to lungs that the typical usage patterns of cigarette smoking”.

These are the different smoking weed effects on human beings.