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how to become a certified weed grower

How to become a certified weed grower

A thorough understanding of all your state and local laws will ensure you comply with all of them and avoid getting your license application denied or revoked once you obtain it.

Our career guide on becoming a legal cannabis grower takes you through all the ways you can go to make your dream come true. Whether you want to join an existing company or start one from scratch, we will show you how you can have a fighting chance at entering this exciting and rewarding industry.

Line up a highly competent team. Your team should have at least one person with several years of proven commercial cultivation experience, not necessarily with cannabis but in any other commercial growing endeavor, whether it be ornamental flowers, fruits, or vegetables, preferably with a college degree in botany,horticulture, or related field. This will be your head grower, also known as a master grower.

Remain Compliant with State and Local Regulations

Consider venture-capital, angel investors, private lenders, and private equity funding to meet your financial goals.

Develop a business plan. Besides having a thorough and highly detailed business plan in place, retain the services of consultants and a lawyer, since they will have experience in helping cannabis businesses navigate the state’s unique regulations.

How to Become a Licensed Legal Cannabis Grower

With enough experience, you can work your way up to a supervisor role and eventually the master grower position after several years or decades of experience.

Here are a few factors to consider when seeking an entry-level, mid-level, or high-level cultivation position in a legal cannabis growing facility.

How to become a certified weed grower

However, if you are serious about becoming a grower for a dispensary, obtaining your cultivation license is one of the best moves you can make. Secure a cultivation license in your respective state is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the myriad of growers seeking jobs with dispensaries.

In these circumstances, you will get firsthand experience working with cannabis and understanding the many ways that marijuana plants can be crossbred to create original strains, as well as being taught how to grow pre-existing strains of weed. You can think of this step as an internship.

Be Actively Involved with a Local Cultivation Company

Last but not least, make it a point to express that work is your top priority. In many cases, cannabis growers are akin to medical professionals in the sense that they are on call. If you make it clear that you are committed to your profession and that you are someone others can undoubtedly rely on, your interview will be more likely to yield favorable results!

…But elaborate on your talents and abilities! The goal is to come across as humble as possible without diminishing your intellect and skillset.

Obtain a Marijuana Grower’s License

There are even more regulations put forth for people who grow cannabis beyond the confines of it being a hobby. For many growers, the prospect of possibly growing and then distributing their products to dispensaries, buyers, or other cannabis retailers is incredibly appealing.