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how to build a grow closet for weed

How to build a grow closet for weed

After the initial investment, $1.64 was my total cost per gram when I factored electricity, carbon filter, and nutrients.

Sirius: Google SketchUp can be pretty tough to use without training, especially if you've never used it and you just want to design one thing. Rest assured: some paper, a pencil, a little math, and careful planning will work just as well!

This had been a long-time dream of mine, and I fondly imagined my first harvest, curing my flowers to perfection, and collecting their resin for concentrates. I saw myself carefully journaling their progress, and eventually becoming an expert caretaker of myself and my marijuana garden.

Next, I faced the issue of providing my plants their light.

After months pouring over cannabis related text and furrowing my brow at various nooks throughout my home, I saw through the problem. I would build a stealthy grow cabinet!

Of course I wanted to filter the intake air to keep out dust, pet hair, pollen, mold and the like.

Then reality set in: I have a small space, in a small house, in a crowded neighborhood.

My inline fan with had 6″ opening (28 square inches) so I would need 56 square inch opening. I went with two louvered grills that were 5″ x 8″ which gave me 80 square inches – 30% for the louvers = 56 square inches. Perfect!

Affordable medicine is a right, and medicinal Cannabis sets a standard for patient autonomy. Enjoy producing your own medicine.

How to build a grow closet for weed

You need to block any and all light from getting into your grow room. You’ll also need to get proper reflective sheeting in order to cover the walls, floor and ceiling of your grow room. You can cover the walls to about a meter and a half if you want to save on materials. We recommend using a stapler to attach it to the walls and ceiling, as double-sided tape can easily come unstuck once the room heats up.

For the best results, you should place the humidifier in the middle of the room alongside a fan, which helps to distribute humidity evenly. If you can, try and move it to the other side of your plants after a few hours in order to avoid the plants closest to it getting a bit too much humidity, which can end up causing fungi.

How to Build a Grow Room | Setting up your ventilation system

The amount of lights and their wattage has a direct impact on the strength of your extraction fan and inline fan.


You should try and place it somewhere that you can get to easily while also keeping all of the cables in order. We recommend installing a fire extinguisher above the controller in case of emergencies.

A small vent fan, no bigger than 4 inches in diameter, will be more than sufficient to control the air in and out of your closet.

Tried and tested by teenagers the world over – including myself over 20 years ago! – growing in a closet is an effective way to get herb in your otherwise herbless life, and as long as you keep a few specific pointers in mind, it may well be the easiest way to grow cannabis indoors.

Airflow and Aroma

This triggers the shade avoidance response and forces your plants to stretch.

There are several ways to handle airflow. Keep in mind that you need to keep your closet well-sealed to prevent odors leaking out (a great way to alert your parent or neighbors to the fact that you’re growing)!

Choice of Light

If you’re using coco coir as a substrate, you should use nutrients specifically formulated for coco, for example.