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how to control the smell of growing weed

How to control the smell of growing weed

Cannabis smell is natural and an essential part of any indoor grow space. It is impossible to stop the production of the odor, but steps can be taken to reduce its impact.

A Pot for Pot cannabis grow lights are a great addition to your indoor cannabis grow room.

How To Control Weed Odor

Another effective solution for commercial indoor grow spaces is fitting surface and air purifiers. Due to their size and capacity, these are best suited for large cannabis grow rooms.

Avoid Common Mistakes

Security and Safety

A fundamental aspect of controlling the odor in an indoor grow room is to manage the temperature and humidity.

How to control the smell of growing weed

And they won’t look for less potent plants anytime soon, if the results of a recent study have anything to say about it. Why? Because smell might be a perceived indicator of quality, researchers determined in the study. When participants had to describe the smell of different strains of marijuana using 48 different sensory traits, it became apparent that the more potent marijuana varieties sparked more interest and a willingness to pay higher prices.

The word “Cannabis” comes from the Hebrew expression Kneh-Bosm, which literally translates into “aromatic reed.”

Why is Cannabis Odor Control Important?

Taking control of strong cannabis smells is a good idea if growers want to stay in business.
In 2016, one of North Denver’s largest growing operation was ordered to shut down after residents complained of the pungent smell. The case marked one of the first instances that a routine license renewal was refused. The complainants had said that the smell was affecting the quality of life of residents living nearby and made it difficult to improve the community. Luckily, marijuana growers can control the air quality in their facilities quite easily.

The most commonly used ones were earthy, herbal and woody, while flowery, citrus and pungent were also used quite often. Interestingly enough, they also described the marijuana samples with sensory traits like diesel, chemical, tobacco, ammonia and tar, which are arguably quite unpleasant (and possibly dangerous) to people in the neighbourhood.

What Makes Cannabis Smell?

The cannabis plants’ odor-causing molecules, terpenes, can effectively be trapped by a deep-bed activated carbon filter. The extremely porous activated carbon adsorbs the volatile organic compounds and traps them on its vast surface area.