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how to get a job growing weed

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How to get a job growing weed

You should be intentionally asking the same questions to different employees throughout the course of your interview. Use your questions as a way to test your interviewers to see if they’re all on the same page. If different people have wildly different answers, especially about the company mission or your day-to-day responsibilities, it’s a telling indication of the type of problems you may run into should you accept the position.

My favorite type of interview questions ask the interviewers to share their perspective on something personal, but not overly personal. If they say “Oooh… I’ve never been asked that before,” you’ve got a great chance at getting hired.

If the company’s mission is simply “to make money,” turn around and run in the other direction. There are plenty of industries where “pure financial gain” is a perfectly acceptable mission, but medical cannabis is not one of them. Find an organization that has a mission you truly believe in and are proud to stand for.

Still need guidance on identifying a positive company mission to rally behind and support? Keep in mind that generally, the best missions are centered on helping others. Medical marijuana’s purpose is to help patients in need of relief to help manage their symptoms and conditions. If you can’t see how the work you want to do will improve peoples’ lives, you’re in the wrong business.

Step 3: Remember That Work Is the Family You Choose

This series was written by Trevor Smith, a marijuana industry veteran with years of experience running a state-licensed seed-to-sale cannabis operation. Having recognized a growing need to attract great talent to the cannabis industry, Trevor has developed position-specific approaches to help those who are interested in employment opportunities within the rapidly-growing cannabis industry. These articles are designed to offer guidance for those who are looking for work in the medical cannabis industry but are unsure of how to get started. Part 1 is dedicated to general interviewing advice. Later installments will focus on a specific approach on how to get hired for budtender and grower positions.

If you prove to be a great fit for the business, you become part of the solid foundation that has been tasked with carrying out the company’s mission. However, if you’re not aligned with the company’s culture and values, the lack of synergy can disrupt the working relationship and derail the mission.

I have not, and will not, hire someone who doesn’t ask at least one good question at the end of the Interview. Not thinking to ask questions about the company you’re hoping to join and the role you want to have shows a complete lack of interest or creativity. Besides, you’re asking everyone about their personal take on their company mission, so you should be going into the interview with an inquisitive mindset.

Step 2: Know ‘The Mission’

Thanks to the Internet, researching companies has never been easier. If you’re serious about joining the cannabis industry, you should be reading as much as you can, every single day.

The most important consideration when hiring someone is whether or not the rest of the team would actually want to spend 10 or 12 hours a day working alongside that person. If there is any doubt, chances are you won’t get hired. People are the most important part of an organization, so it’s essential to have the right fit.