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how to get a license to grow cannabis in florida

How to get a license to grow cannabis in florida

To be a successful applicant, be sure to know and understand the rules outlined in this article. Once you’re a licensed cannabis grower in the state of Florida, you have certain ongoing responsibilities. These include regularly reporting your anticipated harvest dates and submitting samples for THC testing. Make sure you know and continue to comply with those requirements. Happy growing!

In 2016, when Florida legalized marijuana, marijuana growing operations were officially stamped as being part of Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers. Thus, to have started growing marijuana in Florida on a large-scale, or any scale, you must have also opened a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. (MMTC). It’s safe to say that to obtain a license to grow cannabis in Florida comes with a fair share of diligence, honesty and paperwork.

Before coming to know how to obtain a license to grow cannabis in Florida, there are certain things you need to know, understand and get in order. The following checklist will help guide you through the process. In the light of preparations to be done in advance to seeking a permit, it will also ensure that you are granted the permit, as opposed to being rejected.

Your online Hemp Cultivation Licensing Portal can be accessed at, or on the FDACS hemp webpage. The page also contains a link to an application checklist, so interested growers have the necessary information for a quick and relatively easy application process.

In Conclusion: Obey the Law, and Grow in Abundance

Although there aren’t a lot of licenses available for new treatment centers in Florida, fortunately, the state is in the process of expanding its program. Additional licenses for treatment centers and grow ops will be awarded every time another 100,000 patients register. You can also use it to manage, renew, and view your current application(s) with the state.

You have to create an account on A valid email address will be required to validate your user profile. Then, you can submit your Hemp Cultivation Application through The portal’s user-friendly interface provides you with a checklist of steps to enable a quick and easy application process.

Be on the lookout for communications from FDACS. Once you apply, the agency will start reviewing the application and contact you with updates. If it is complete and no further information is needed, you will receive an email with your license to grow cannabis.

A Little Legal Background – FYI

Nowadays, you have two options when wanting to obtain a license to grow cannabis in Florida, and legal entities – MMTCs – is one route. You can apply for it online. Not only will this authorize you to grow cannabis, but to possess, sell, and transport cannabis products as well. So, if you want to grow in Florida, you can go this route of obtaining your licenses from the Florida Department of Health.

Florida cannabis licenses don’t come cheap. In fact, they have sold in the past for as much as $67 million. Two Florida cannabis licenses went on sale at the end of 2019. One was listed for $40 million and allowed the owner to operate 30 dispensaries. The other license, listed for about $55 million, allows the holder to operate up to 35 dispensaries.

How to get a license to grow cannabis in florida

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Learn how to get a permit to process medical marijuana treatment center edibles in Florida. Find answers to frequently asked questions.

The medical marijuana treatment center edibles food permit is for medical marijuana edibles produced at a medical marijuana treatment center.

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Medical Marijuana FAQ for Businesses

View frequently asked questions from businesses about medical marijuana in Florida.

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Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Edibles Food Establishment Permit

How to get a license to grow cannabis in florida

Land Classifications

The THC threshold for hemp products in Florida is set at 0.35 percent. It can be challenging to find a plant that doesn’t cross this limit, as well as finding one that can grow in Florida’s climate. Constant testing can ensure your hemp stays on the lawful side, but administering tests can be expensive.

The hemp use many Floridians are excited about is cannabidiol (CBD) extraction, which has health benefits from its oil. Industrial hemp is also used in certain textile materials and seeds for consumption. What differs hemp from cannabis is its much lower concentration of THC, a psychoactive chemical, and its higher concentration of CBD.

Unfortunately, as of March 2020, only two entities in Florida have industrial permits to lawfully grow hemp: the University of Florida and Florida A&M University (the two land-grant universities in Florida). However, you may still apply for a license with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). The state is currently waiting on the USDA (federal department of agriculture) to issue regulations on growing hemp, but you can still apply for a license while guidance is pending.

Uses for Hemp