How to get Purple Marijuana Plants?

How to get Purple Marijuana Plants?

Marijuana seeds strains are categorized into two ultimate strains: Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Purple marijuana, which is known as the new species of marijuana, is Cannabis Sativa. We may feel amazed with the emergence of purple marijuana plants but they are typically easy to find in many parts of the world. People are curious about this sweet purple–colored plant, since the common marijuana plants are green. People want to know whether a special technique is used to grow this purple marijuana or they can get the color by simply using special fertilizer. It’s not such a mystery; you just need the correct species of plant and the correct growing conditions.

Purple medical marijuana strains have a particular taste and smell, produced by the color. It is a hardy plant which can be grown outdoors and in the most horrible climates. This plant’s taste is both sour and sugary. Purple marijuana plants are equally happy with hydro or soil. Purple marijuana can be grown outdoors or indoors. Its color is influenced by deficiencies in temperature. So if you want it to grow marijuana seeds well, keep the plants in the best temperature range of 70 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If you cannot keep them in this ideal temperature range, it can still grow well as long as it is adequately watered.

Most plants which are able to do photosynthesis have chlorophyll that is usually shown with their green color, but chlorophyll is built of other colors too, such as red, the coveted purple, and also orange. When the season is changed, the chlorophyll tends to break down and the anthocyanin pigment will appear. To develop the purple color of the marijuana plant, the plant must have the genetic potential to produce anthocyanin pigment during maturation. Otherwise, the color might never be clearly shown if the environmental conditions do not make any change to cause the chlorophyll breakdown.

Growing purple marijuana plant outdoors can be successful as long as you give the plant enough water and sunlight. Although purple marijuana seeds strains can show the purple color when they are grown in cold temperatures, they still need natural sunlight for at least 8 hours per day. Besides that, purple marijuana seeds strains should be planted at least three feet apart from the other plants as getting them too close might cause this plant to lack light and result in imperfect shape. Purple marijuana or any other kind of marijuana does not grow well when you plant it side-by-side with spinach, pepper weed, or rye. Only use brown soil with good drainage to grow purple marijuana and keep the area free of weeds and any kind of pesticide. Planting purple marijuana is not legal, unless you are a medical marijuana grower.

If you think that growing purple marijuana plants by yourself is not easy, you can get any kind of purple marijuana seeds strains which are ready to plant. But still, do not ignore the techniques for proper care this plant.