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how to grow 10 pounds of weed indoors

How to grow 10 pounds of weed indoors

But how much actual weed is that in dried buds that you can smoke? An ounce? A pound? Two pounds? The tricky thing is, all weed plants aren’t the same size, and many factors affect how big a plant will get and how dense its buds become.

How much bud from one weed plant?

Consider how much weed you smoke in a day, week, or month. For reference, a gram is about two medium joints or 3-4 bowls. Do you smoke a gram a day or a week? Two grams a day or a week?

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(To see how many plants your state allows you to grow at home, check out this table).

back on topic, I want to produce 10+ pounds.


how many plants will it take to acheive this?

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this is my first post and let me start off by intraducing my self. my name is Jake and I fucking love pot.

How to grow 10 pounds of weed indoors

If you want to start small, this light lets you hang up a grow light and start growing decent amounts of high-quality weed in a small space. Flimsy but effective. It barely affects the electricity bill and doesn’t make much heat. Also an excellent choice for seedlings and clones.

Pruning techniques like manifolding can force even a small plant to produce huge buds. This plant was less than 2 feet (0.6m) tall at harvest and produced 6.2 oz by itself.

With manifolding or fluxing, young plants are cut up in the vegetative stage so that all branches come from one main “manifold” on the main stem.

3.) Grow Light is Key to Yields!

These two plants reached half the final desired size for this grow tent. At this point, initiate the flowering stage by giving plants a 12/12 light schedule.

Legal plant count limits can make it harder to get big yields, especially if you’re also limited on space, but there are tricks and tactics to let you harvest huge amounts of bud from small grow spaces with just a few plants. In fact, it’s possible to produce over a pound of weed from 1-4 plants when you do it right.

1.) Grow Bigger Plants

Multi-pound harvest with just 4 plants!

If you only follow the steps above, you can produce bountiful yields with just a few plants. But some growers want to maximize their yields even more. In that case, this section is for you.