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how to grow 10 pounds of weed

can it be done Ina 300sqft room?

back on topic, I want to produce 10+ pounds.

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can it be done Ina 300sqft room?

I’m a complete newb to growing but I got some basics down


this is my first post and let me start off by intraducing my self. my name is Jake and I fucking love pot.

How to grow 10 pounds of weed

While plants are in the vegetative stage, bend branches down and tie them in place to maintain as flat and wide a canopy as possible. Try to make plants shaped like a table.

With manifolding or fluxing, young plants are cut up in the vegetative stage so that all branches come from one main “manifold” on the main stem.

2.) Train Plants to Grow Flat

Big Producer – 315W CMH (sometimes called LEC)

4.) Choose the Right Genetics (plus example strains)

When followed step-by-step, these techniques produce outstanding harvests on every plant

How to grow 10 pounds of weed

Your end result will largely depend on the genetic material you start with. Do you plan to grow from seeds or weed clones? Seeds tend to produce larger plants at a faster rate, but clones may be easier to grow for new growers since the cannabis plant skips the germination stage.

In a perfect world, you’d be swimming in a sea of cannabis buds as far as the eye can see. In the cannabis world, growing pounds upon pounds of pure bud with a thick blanket of milky, resinous trichomes requires a lot of cannabis plants, patience, passion, and skill.

How many grams in 1/8th of an ounce= 3.5436

Invest in an appropriately-sized digital scale to get an accurate measurement of the amount of weed you have on hand. It’s nearly impossible to estimate its weight by looks since it can depend on the moisture content and not just its size.

Make sure you have your outdoor area prepared for the big moving day.

How Many Plants Can You Grow at Home?

All photoperiod strains are not created equal. Some are naturally predisposed to grow bigger and taller and produce more buds than others, although the growing environment can significantly affect your yield, too.