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how to grow a pound of weed

How to grow a pound of weed

Main Idea: Train plants to grow flat and wide like a table in the vegetative stage.

Each branch produced over an ounce of weed after being dried, and every bud was rock hard.

2.) Train Plants to Grow Flat

Main Idea: Don’t initiate the flowering stage until plants have reached 1/2 the final desired size.

4.) Choose the Right Genetics (plus example strains)

These two plants reached half the final desired size for this grow tent. At this point, initiate the flowering stage by giving plants a 12/12 light schedule.

How to grow a pound of weed

Your end result will largely depend on the genetic material you start with. Do you plan to grow from seeds or weed clones? Seeds tend to produce larger plants at a faster rate, but clones may be easier to grow for new growers since the cannabis plant skips the germination stage.

In a small container, your cannabis plant roots can be limited and when they fill up the space, they can become root bound.

How many grams in 1/8th of an ounce= 3.5436

The most important factors to getting large yields when growing canabis are: light, plant density, fertilizer used, temperature, how long the plants are kept in the vegetative phase, the length of the flowering growth stage, and plant variety.

But there are ways to increase these yields for sure!

How do you get large yields?

You can grow huge buds, you can grow ten pound cannabis plants a lot easier outdoors than indoors. Indoors you would need very tall ceilings to accommodate the cannabis plants. Keep in mind the plants will double in size and height from when you switch them from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage indoors.