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how to grow a weed plant in the winter

How to grow a weed plant in the winter

I am doing my first winter greenhouse crop. The lighting in the winter is not sufficient to bud out my plants so can I use flourescent lighting or must I use sodium lights?

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While daytime temperatures are higher, they are not always high enough to maintain the plants’ required ‘night-time’ temperatures of 18-22°C (64-72°F). If temperature is consistently dropping below this range when lights are off, it is advisable to use central heating or an electric heater to maintain adequate temperatures.

Hey what’s up, I bought 10 Bubblegum seeds still have 5 left, 3 didn’t take but 2 did. The first one I grew outside starting in July and in temperatures for France. Sadly to say this one turned out to be a male, but I let it grow anyway love the leave style. The second one is growing now but inside in a small cabinet. The problem is the cold and out of eye for my small children when they are here.
I have made everything need to grow, 2 cabins one in a bedroom 80 cm high and another in the attic 180 cm high. Lighting with CFL 400 watt total, in 6500 for veg. and 2700 for flowering, also ventilation, feeding and timer electric. The attic is the perfect place undercover from my kids, but the cold. The cabin is not insulated for now it depends on the price, that I am looking into this week.
What I’d like to know is information about your ” Sensi Skunk Automatic Seeds” they are marked as a cold plant. What is their support for temperature range ? How high do they grow about ? And the time around they take before harvest ?
I have decided not to grow a lot of plants at one time, just enough for a continue the flow. Hash does relive my medical problems like cannabis, and it is very hard to find in the area I live. If you could give me an answer quickly, I would have no problem to purchases this strain either today or Monday. I’ll be waiting to see if you get to answer quickly, if not I’ll be waiting patiently for your answer.
Thanks and later, Tommie

Consider growing winter-appropriate strains

Thank you for your comment ? Unfortunately we cannot respond to grow questions on the blog, but we do have the Sensi Seeds Forum where you can ask a thriving community of gardening fans for advice, share your experiences, and see if your question has already been covered. I hope this helps.

Very interesting article. I have grown cannabis outdoors during the winter while temps were down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. they were not looking good as they turned purple and didn’t grow much. But when spring/summer hit and temps were up to 100 degrees they took off turning dark green and growing crazy. So I think you can at least keep them alive during the winter as long as temps don’t get to the freezing level.

Omg!! I was just thinking the same, exact thing. Wtf??
If you have questions, please refer to my last dzn answers.
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Having said that, some hobby growers might still be eager to utilise as much natural sunlight as possible, such as growing on a windowsill. The problem with this is that light intensity or simply the amount of sunlight hours may be insufficient for growth. Each area will vary in its wintertime habits, and each grower should make choices accordingly.

If your space is too humid, you may need to invest in a dehumidifier—also known as “dehueys.” However, keep in mind that while dehueys will reduce humidity, they typically increase temperature—you may need more fans or an AC when adding a dehumidifier.

Without proper airflow, a grow space can experience rapid changes in humidity or develop pockets of CO2 depletion, neither of which are good for plant growth. CO2 depletion can lead to nutrient lockout, and areas of high humidity are prone to pest infestation, mold, or mildew.

Dehumidifiers and ACs

Carbon filters usually work best when positioned at the highest point in your grow space, where the most heat accumulates.

Make sure all equipment is on, no breakers have flipped, and everything is running smoothly. Check lights, timers, fans, dehueys, ACs, and anything else that plugs into the wall or has a battery.

Air circulation

It’s a good idea to start small—the smaller the grow, the less expensive it is to set up. Newbie mistakes will be less costly if you only have a handful of plants. Additionally, most state laws only allow for growing six plants, but some allow up to 12.