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how to grow clones weed

Clones will also save space in your garden—with seeds, you have to grow many and sex them out to identify and get rid of the males. Also, usually some seeds don’t germinate. You’ll need extra space for all those seeds, and they might not even turn into full plants.

What is a cannabis mother plant?

As genetics are identical between a mother and a clone, it’s important to choose a good plant as a mother. A wilty plant, or one that doesn’t produce good buds, won’t make a good mother.

What do you need to clone cannabis?

Never hesitate to research a dispensary or grow facility before buying clones.

How to grow clones weed

Pick a healthy plant that’s been through one growth cycle and then, after harvest, added at least 6 inches of new growth. Keep the plant well watered, but don’t feed it for three days before you plan to cut it.

1. Select a Plant

Cut the stem to approximately 4 inches long, again at a 45-degree angle. Carefully trim off leaves that are close to the bottom. Try to minimize tearing when you remove the leaves. In this phase, you want the plant to focus on growing roots instead of healing every scrape.

3. Trim Leaves

Leave the lights on for 18 hours a day to simulate natural outdoor conditions. As the plants grow taller, raise the lights so they remain about 2 to 3 inches above the plants. This encourages plants to grow like they would naturally.

Common rooting mediums include rockwool, rooting cubes, or another non-soil equivalent like peat or foam. Rockwool is melted rock that has been spun into a fine thread, and it has terrific airflow and moisture retention. You can find any of these cubes at most grow stores or online.

Cloning can do wonders for your cannabis garden by saving you time and money, and ensuring a genetically consistent crop. You don’t need much to get started, and if done correctly, you can have a perpetual harvest of your favorite strains year-round.

How to clone a cannabis plant

When getting ready to transplant, be sure to keep the environment sterile. Transplant shock can occur so be sure to use gloves when handling clones.

Through cloning, you can create a new harvest with exact replicas of your best plants. Because the genetics are identical, a clone will give you a plant with the same characteristics as the mother, such as flavor, cannabinoid profile, yield, grow time, etc. So if you come across a specific strain or phenotype you really like, you might want to clone it to reproduce more buds that have the same effects.

How to take a cutting

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