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how to grow exotic weed indoors

Once planted, the cannabis plant needs a ratio of about 18 hours light, 6 hours darkness to grow in what’s called the vegetative stage, which doesn’t produce flowers. How long you let the plant grow in this state depends on your space constraint, but Sundberg recommends beginners start small.

The Arizona Republic asked two experts to share their tips for beginners: Noah Wylie, master grower at The Mint Dispensary based in the East Valley, and Josh Sundberg, farmer and co-owner of Community Roots AZ in Cornville, southwest of Sedona.

After a few days, growers can switch to a ratio of 12 hours light, followed by 12 hours of consecutive darkness to activate the flowering stage. If growing outside, the light of a full moon is about the maximum amount of light a plant should receive during the darkness period, Sundberg said.

He recommended adding mulch to keep the soil cool. For a pot, the bigger the better for creating a buffering zone — five gallons is a good minimum, he said. Putting the pot in another pot or putting some sort of insulation barrier around it can also prevent the pot from directly baking in the sun.

How much light does my plant need?

If people want to clone their own plants, he recommended they plant multiple seeds at once, label each plant, and take a cutting from each one before they flower. People can then grow the cutting from whichever plant yields the best harvest.

The passage of Proposition 207 in Arizona, legalizing recreational cannabis, ushered in a new opportunity for the home gardener. Adults ages 21 and older are now allowed to grow a limited amount of cannabis plants at home for personal use.

Wylie said most people will likely grow indoors, in a closet or garage, for example. About 75 degrees, more or less, is an optimal temperature, he said. In a small space with stagnant air, he suggested using a fan to move air in and out. A beginner can start in a closet with a 100-watt grow light and oscillating desk fan, and it’s enough to get going, he said.

How many cannabis plants can I grow?

Eddie Smith, co-owner of The Plant Stand of Arizona, confirmed his south Phoenix nursery would be selling cannabis seeds in the future.

People can grow plants from seeds or cuttings off an existing plant, also known as clones. Sundberg said cuttings are a gray area because it’s unclear whether a cutting that hasn’t taken root yet is counted as part of the six or 12 plants Arizonans are allowed to grow.

How to grow exotic weed indoors

If you’re planning on growing your cannabis crops in soil, make sure you start out with a mix of vermiculite, perlite, fertilizer and soil or compost. If you’re using compost, you may not need to start directly with fertilizer in your soil, as the compost will provide many of the essential nutrients your plant needs as it first begins to grow.

There are two main strains of marijuana plants: Indica and Sativa. Apart from having extremely different psychoactive effects (highs) they also grow very differently from one another. Indica strains are known for their relaxed and mellow body highs. They have a tendency to reduce focus and are pretty useful when it comes to treating diseases like anxiety, as well as chronic pain and sleep disturbances. Indica strains generally have a much higher CBD content than Sativas.

Autoflowering Seeds

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Feminized seeds are well… you guessed it! Feminized. This means that all of the seeds you will be planting are mostly guaranteed to produce female plants, which is good news for the home grower because just using any old seed give you a 50% chance of producing a male plant. Male plants don’t produce smokable buds, and can pollinate with nearby females- rendering their buds largely useless. This is why it’s important to sex your plants before they begin to flower to ensure that no males are present.

Using feminized seeds, autoflowering plants, or hydroponic systems all sound pretty complicated, but any of these setups are easily maintained by a novice grower. And great news for you! We’re here to show you just how it’s done.

Sativas produce less smell than indicas, and weigh less when dried. They take quite a bit longer to flower at 60-90 days, and are in general a bit more temperamental than Indicas. Sativas will grow tall and rapid during their vegetative phase, and require a decent amount of room to be able to cultivate. It’s not impossible to cultivate sativa plants indoors, but it is generally considered to be a bit more of an undertaking- both with space and startup costs.

Hydroponic systems still require the same lighting and fan setups that soil grown operations do. These systems require near constant work and upkeep. Changing nutrient solutions, sterilizing equipment, rotating out filters, and keeping an eagle on on plant health and pH are are daily and weekly tasks associated with a hydroponics set up.