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how to grow exotic weed

How to grow exotic weed

You need to take a risk with temperatures and choose the right strains to end up with dark-colored weed.

If you want colorful buds, choose a marijuana strain with colored pistils and buds if you can. In an ideal world, the leaves and trichomes will also be colorful. If you want maximum color after the drying and curing process, deep purple buds are capable of maintaining their colorful appearance once they have been dried and trimmed.

While the importance of light levels varies depending on the strain, weed from the ‘purple’ camp prefers strong direct light on the leaves and buds. It is believed that experimenting with the light spectrum in LEDs can work wonders for increasing the rate of anthocyanin production in your plant’s tissues.

If you want red and pink colors, keep the pH range acidic, which means on the lower end of the ranges above. If you want purple hues, keep the pH neutral. Yellow and blue colors tend to appear in alkaline, or high pH, conditions.

Ideal Strains

Your best bet is to boost the pH level of your plants as they approach the last few weeks of flowering. Soil quality is of paramount importance. Add organic soil amendments such as worm castings to your compost, but test its pH before adding it to the soil.

This is also on the risky end of the spectrum. Nitrogen deficiency can result in a chlorophyll decrease, which turns the leaves yellow. A phosphorus deficiency could provide a darker green color with hints of purple or red in the buds. However, we don’t recommend this tactic because it could severely damage your precious plants if extreme caution is not taken.

In this article, you have discovered the various aspects involved in plant color. These include genetics, temperature, nutrients, and pH levels. If you want to grow some gorgeous colorful marijuana, follow the tips outlined above but make sure the genetics are right first!

Growth Stage

Expert growers believe that pH is one of the most important changes you can make to bring out a marijuana strain’s color. As a rule of thumb, soil should have a pH of between 6.0 and 7.0, while hydroponically grown weed performs well in a pH range of 5.5 – 6.5.

It seems as if the molecules act as a ‘sunscreen’ for the plant, so if you increase the light and create stress, the plant will react by upping its anthocyanin production. Experienced growers know how to stress the plant just enough to produce the equivalent of a suntan for their weed! Novices could severely damage their crop.

But like growing any plant, it can be easy to overthink it, he said.

How many cannabis plants can I grow?

Wylie believes cuttings are easier than seeds for beginners., but as Proposition 207 is so new, he isn’t aware yet of any legal businesses in Arizona that sell cuttings.

What’s the easiest cannabis strain to grow for beginners?

At local supplier Phoenix Seeds & Clones, people can purchase a grow consultation ranging from $75-200, including 5 to 20 seeds. Strains offered include Gorilla Cake, Tangie Cookies and Kino Vision, a high CBD strain.

How to grow exotic weed

If you’re looking to grow your own private stash of leafy green goodness, but lack large fields or adequate outdoor space, don’t fret! Many strains can be easily cultivated indoors.

Indica also has a tendency to grow a bit smaller and bushier than sativa. They also tend to have more dense and fragrant buds. These plants have an overall appearance of being compact and stocky. Great for indoor cultivation when you’re low on space, as the smaller plants require less room for roots to grow. They generally flower within 45-60 days, giving them a quicker turnaround.

Growing feminized seeds indoors is largely the same method as growing any other type of marijuana plant, just with fewer steps. Choosing to grow feminized seeds takes quite a bit of the guesswork out of growing a larger crop, as you won’t need to sex your plants or dispose of any males that may crop up. For a novice grower with a decent amount of space, choosing feminized seeds for your first few crops is a great idea.