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how to grow flavored weed

Again, don’t expect your weed to taste completely different now. And also do not immediately process your entire harvest. Just experiment with a small portion of your harvest and discover what adding more flavor to your cannabis does. In the supermarket you can often buy extracts, usually it is included in the baking section. Vanilla extract is very suitable for these methods of adding more taste. Don’t let the cotton ball sit in the jar for too long, because it can cause mold to grow on your weed.

Do you think the taste of your weed is a bit boring? Then why not add some extra flavor. It’s very easy and fun to do. You can do it before, during or after harvesting. So read on and discover how you can add more flavor to your cannabis.

Add more flavor to your cannabis during harvest

Have you already harvested your plant? Even then it is not too late. Take a branch and place it in a vase or glass with the flavored solution as described above. The stem will absorb water as long as the leaves are still alive. So the flavored water will still be carried up through the branch to the tops. After 3 days remove the branch and dry it as normal. Keep in mind that in this case the buds can also contain more water than normally.

Adding taste to weed is increasingly being done. Many growers wonder how they can add flavor to their flower tops. The best taste of pure cannabis is achieved through the correct drying and curing of the plant material. But the flavoring of cannabis is fun to do, they are interesting experiments.

How to add more flavor to your cannabis before harvest

Weed can be combined with many flavors. Such as cherries, vanilla, chocolate, strawberries and citrus. Citrus aroma, in particular, is often used for flavoring cannabis.

How to grow flavored weed

Curing Your Buds in Jars – Read the Full Curing Tutorial

If you’ve been giving your plants extra nutrients in their water, then it’s recommended to stop using them 1-2 weeks before harvest time. This gives the plant time to use up any extra nutrients contained in the plant so they are less likely to come through in the taste of your buds.

Most cannabis strains have some natural flavors on their own. In fact, growers have spent years breeding cannabis strains that produce a natural bouquet of scents and aroma that mimic other flavors.

Note: These are only for soil or coco coir! (Since these supplements contain a lot of organic materials like guano and fishmeal, they are not suitable to hydroponic reservoirs)

Harvest Using the Right Technique

“How do I flavor weed?” is a common question by new growers. While I truly believe that the best marijuana flavor is achieved from a properly cured bud, the idea of occasionally ‘flavoring’ some marijuana or making flavored weed seems like a fun concept to experiment with. Weed combined with chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cherry, root beer, and citrus flavors are relatively common flavors that have been experimented with.

For the last 2-3 weeks before harvest, give 1/2 tsp of Blackstrap Molasses per gallon when watering (for soil or coco coir)

The “GO Box” by General Organics offers a nutrient line made of only organic ingredients and specialized for growing plants like cannabis

Improve or Enhance Natural Bloom Processes

The more types of supplements you use, the bigger the chance you might end up burning or causing a nutrient lockout problem with your plants. If possible, always try to use all supplements and nutrients from the same nutrient company. This lessens the chance of unwanted interactions since the whole line is designed to work together. When in doubt, go for an established nutrient company that has been around for years over one that has just appeared recently!

Chemical nutrients have great qualities that make them attractive to a lot of growers. They increase the rate of vegetative growth and may possibly even contribute to greater bud potency. Using them won’t necessarily “hurt” the smell of buds, but these do not seem to contribute to smell as much as when the plant is using nutrients from living sources. The best smell-related results seem to occur when nutrients are getting broken down in the soil instead of being delivered directly to roots in their most simple chemical form.

What Happens If The Terpenes You Add Are Too Strong?

Keep reading to learn more about why it’s important to grow strains with strong flavor and scent profiles, as well as how you can avoid common growing mistakes that detract from the taste of your homegrown cannabis.

The presence of more of these essential oils directly translates to the presence of more medicinal benefits.

Things you’ll need to produce plants with high essential oil levels, and thus, stronger scent and flavor profiles:

Strain Flavor Tips To Try & Mistakes To Avoid

As we’ve discussed, these essential oil molecules are the chemical compounds responsible for giving cannabis its aromatic diversity. And since our sense of smell is deeply connected with our sense of taste, how your cannabis oil smells will have a serious effect on how people perceive its actual flavor.

So the question becomes: how do you flavor weed? Well adding cannabis oil directly to the plant certainly isn’t the answer. Instead, you have to wait until the raw plant material is processed into cannabis oil. Once you’ve distilled the THC, CBD, and other base components into a concentrated liquid, then you can introduce external essential oils to your products.

The result is cannabis that’s super-potent compared to weed from the 60s and 70s, and would probably knock the socks off your parents who claim they never inhaled but totally did. Now that modern strain growers have a handle on the THC thing, they’ve shifted their focus on enhancing the potency of flavor and smell as well.

Why Worry About The Smell And Flavor Of Your Cannabis?

Like Major League Baseball players on a home run streak, most growers will stick to that exact process no matter what rather than risk an unsuccessful crop. We think it’s worth re-evaluating that process with taste and smell in mind: your customers want it.

At this point, you may be wondering why you should be so concerned with the flavor and smell of your cannabis that you alter your growing process. As any home grower knows, it can be hard to zero in on the exact process that produces healthy, potent strains.