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how to grow hydroponic weed for dummies

How to grow hydroponic weed for dummies

The air pump should always be running to guarantee the water is agitated and well oxygenated. You want the water to be oxygenated and moving.

Hydroponic nutrients are available in liquid and powder form. The majority of cannabis growers prefer organically grown flower, so organic nutrients are the best choice. Bottled nutrients are the easiest to use. There are organic options available—or as close as you can get to organic out of a bottle.

This important and large piece of equipment will take up much of your growing space. The function of the table and its tray is to contain and return excess water to the reservoir. The table will have a low point where water collects and travels back to the reservoir before circulating back to the plants again.

Water Pump

Once you establish where you’ll be growing hydroponic cannabis, there is quite a bit of equipment to purchase and assemble. Have no fear, though, because there are a variety of retailers who are there to help with your purchases and questions.

Growing cannabis in soil is the preferred method for many, but there is an entirely separate class of growers: the hydroponic cannabis grower. Some people seem to shy away from hydroponic growing because of the unknowns and the unconventional nature of this endeavor, but it’s really not that difficult. While you may benefit from prior experience growing cannabis in soil, even a beginner can grow good hydroponic cannabis.

Although the plants are fed directly from the circulating water, a medium is necessary to provide mechanical support of the plants. A variety of substances are commonly used, including coco coir, gravel, and clay pellets. Rock wool cubes make a good starting foundation for young plants when they first go into the system.

Net Pots

Depending on the scope of the cultivation project, a range of pot sizes will work. Something in the 2- to 7-gallon range should suit your needs.

The legal cannabis industry is divided when it comes to which method to use for the best products and highest profits, but both growing methods are alive and well on the commercial level. Since growing is possible year-round indoors and hydroponic growing is an indoor endeavor the vast majority of the time, indoor commercial cannabis growing will probably see an increase in hydroponic use. Soil growing is more flexible and can easily occur either outdoors or indoors, so the use of soil is probably more widespread overall when it comes to commercial cultivation.

How to grow hydroponic weed for dummies

Cons of Hydro

So there are five major parts to getting set up. You need….

Hydro is a no-brainer for me. Whenever I go back to a hand-watered grow like coco coir, I am always surprised by how much extra time it takes to water plants and remove the runoff. The most intimidating part of hydro is just getting started – after that it’s actually really easy to take care of your plants. In my opinion, hydro is far easier and less time consuming than growing in soil or coco coir once you’re set up. If you are interested in hydro, go for it! If you follow this tutorial you will succeed!

Growing in coco coir can be considered a type of hydroponics since it naturally contains no nutrients and you must provide all the nutrients in the water. However, when you say “hydroponics” most people think of this:

Is Hydroponics Good for Growing Cannabis?

How to grow hydroponic weed for dummies

In this phase, you need to provide light for about 18-24 hours. For this purpose, you can choose to put up the lamp 20 inches above the plant to prevent drying. Moreover, you can keep on decreasing the distance depending on the height you like and gives the best results.

The beginners usually have a problem understanding how to grow weed hydroponically step by step. The hydroponic system of growing weed refers to cultivating and harvesting it in a water-based and nutrient-rich solution. In this case, soil isn’t used.

Go on adding the oxygen to water. One of the best ways into which you can add oxygen to the water is with an air pump. You can also use the air stone pump to bring about bubbles. This will prevent your plants from drowning. This procedure can be easily set up and requires deficient maintenance.

Ebb & Flow

This is one of the hardest parts about how to grow weed hydroponically step by step. By this time, your plants have grown enough and have big buds. You will get the result in this stage and also how is the quality of the bud. You need to know the proper timing, curing and drying to get the best results.

Do you want to know which system is the best one for you? We wrote an extensive guide on all the types of hydroponic systems out there. We reviewed the best indoor hydroponic systems in various categories.

What is hydroponics growing?

Once the seed germination process is over, the marijuana will begin to develop to the first stage of the vegetative phase. In this stage, the plant gets long roots and grows leaves that assure photosynthesis. It is preparing itself for the budding phase.

The time for switching to flowering usually varies from plant to plant and person to person. While some people prefer switching to flowering from buds within two weeks, some seem to wait for 3-4 months. The period for switching to the flowering stage is entirely a matter of personal choice.