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how to grow marijuana inside without smell

How to grow marijuana inside without smell

When it comes to controlling odor , there are many ways to approach the situation. Most of these solutions are related to controlling the environment and how to reduce the odor while making sure the plants grow in a healthy manner.

Any of these factors left unchecked could result in the plants letting off more odor than usual and more often than not it is an indicator of poor growth conditions within the grow room.


These solutions, while keeping the odor levels low, also focus on maintaining optimum growth conditions for the plants which are an obvious benefit in the long-term.

For someone who is starting or has started an indoor cannabis grow room, the smell can be a huge drawback.

Sign Of Poor Health

Odor control helps keep the smell low and prying eyes away from the grow room.

How to grow marijuana inside without smell

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Remember, the only thing better than increasing the potency and yields of your harvest is making sure you get to keep said harvest.

Electrical Safety

Exhaust fans and air pumps of especially low quality can raise even more suspicion by vibrating. This can make your grow noticeable through multiple walls!

Low odor strains definitely aren’t fool-proof, but they can help make things easier. These are just a few examples of strains that are known to have a relatively low or neutral smell, but there are many others. Learn more about researching strains.

Tips for quiet operation


This is a lot of information, and it still only barely scratches the surface of what it takes to grow stealthily. Over time there will be more pitfalls to watch out for, but growing your own cannabis has actually gotten easier and safer over time.

Let’s get into some tips for Stealth Growing – keeping your grow “under the radar” of other people.