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how to grow medical marijuana in massachusetts

Q: Do stores deliver to my location?
A: Yes, some deliver. Consult the store’s website.

Massachusetts allows purchase and use of recreational cannabis/marijuana by people over age 21. Purchasers do not need to be a Massachusetts resident; they must have a government-issued ID. You may have up to one ounce of flower and up to five grams of any concentrate outside of your home. Using cannabis in public is prohibited. See more on the laws for more details and links for Massachusetts marijuana/cannabis laws.

Q: Who may buy & use cannabis in Mass.?
A: Anyone age 21 and older. You must show a valid gov’t-issued ID to enter a dispensary. You do not need to be a resident of Massachusetts.

“Quick Hits” – FAQ about Cannabis in Mass.

Q: How can I prepare to shop ahead?
A: Most retail stores have a website. There, you can find out location, hours, and you can preview products.

Q: Where may I smoke or ingest cannabis in Massachusetts?
A: You may smoke or ingest only on private property; never on public property.

Q: How much will it cost?
A: First, a word about quantities, courtesy of the website A gram (g) is the basic amount of cannabis flower or concentrate you can buy. It’s enough for a healthy-sized joint, two skinny joints or 2-3 pipe bowls. As for costs, a quick survey of some MA cannabis stores showed 3 pre-rolls (about .5g each) for $30; one-eight ounce (equal to 3.5 grams) of flower for $50; and candy bars and caramels for $25 each. As with any hobby, prices can rise much higher for more-refined products.

Q: What are these terms? I don’t know what to choose!
A: Retail stores have a wonderful resource for you: budtenders (that is, expert clerks). If you are inexperienced in choosing cannabis, budtenders on duty will advise you. You can simply explain what you are hoping for in your cannabis use (pain relief, sleep help, an exuberant high, a mellow high) and your budtender will expertly guide you to the right choice.

Q: What about the different ways to ingest?
A: Your major choices are flower (the green buds of the plant that most people recognize, which can be smoked in a rolled joint or a pipe) edibles (the essence of the plant baked into candy, confections or other edible items); or tinctures, which is liquid in a very small amount taken under the tongue; or concentrates (varieties with high levels of THC, such as hash). There are even infused seltzers and other drinks coming onto the market. You can find more obscure items, but these are the basics. Stores also sell convenient pre-rolled individual joints or vape cartridges.

When making edibles at home, such as cannabis-infused beverages or baked goods, it can be challenging to distribute cannabis evenly throughout a product. This can make it difficult to control potency and dosage of the edible.

Lower Risk of Electrical Fires

Growing cannabis plants indoors often requires high-powered lamps, temperature controls, and expanded levels of ventilation which can overload electrical circuits and cause fires. To lower your risk of electrical fires, consult a licensed electrician to ensure you are following all relevant fire codes.

Responsible Home Cultivation

For more information on fire safety and cannabis in your home, click here to view a flyer from the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services.

Keep Kids and Pets Safe

Cannabis-infused Edibles

Visit for more information on growing marijuana and making marijuana products at home.

Cannabis Oil Extraction

When making concentrates, extracting cannabis oil with flammable materials, such as propane and butane, is illegal. These materials release vapors that can easily trigger explosions. Consider alternative extraction methods.

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