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how to grow organic weed outdoors

Some growers plant in containers on balconies or rooftops that are shielded from view, while some build heavy-gauge wire cages to keep thieves and animals at bay. Whatever you decide, think about how big you want your final plant to be—outdoor cannabis plants can grow to 10 feet tall or even more, depending on how much you let them go.

We recommend these organic fertilizers:

Privacy and security

In hot climates, sandy soil should be mulched to help with water retention and to keep roots from getting too hot.

Weed plants will need full, direct sun for at least 6 hours a day. You may have a backyard, but it might not be great to grow there if it doesn’t get full sun every day.

What size pot do I need?

Indoor grows can be wasteful, using a ton of electricity to power all those lights, fans, and other equipment. The sun and the wind are free!

How to grow organic weed outdoors

Probably the simplest method for growing marijuana organically is to start with organic soil and pair it with a proven organic nutrient line like the GO box.

The recommended “cook” time is 30-60 days you want to keep the soil moist but not soggy during this time.

    8 large bags of high quality organic potting soil with coco coir and Mycorrhizae (30 pounds each bag or

The differences between organic growing and semi organic growing are simple. One approach is hands on and the other is hands off.

Organic Gardening Method 1: Compost Your Own Super Soil

In organic growing you feed the soil (not the plant) from these microbes and micro flora. They break down these nutrients and with the help of beneficial fungi introduce it into your root/plant effectively feeding it. A healthy organic medium with a good micro herd and bennies can tolerate any nutrient solution from 4.0-8.0 pH.

Step 2: Add water to mix to initiate the microbial process

What does “organic” mean? Organic growing means growing a plant using only biologically available sources.

Organic Gardening Method 2: “Hands Off” Alternatives