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how to grow potent cannabis

How to grow potent cannabis

Curing Process

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During the flushing process of growing cannabis, a grower generally gives their plants just plain water for the last few weeks before harvest. This is done to encourage the cannabis to “cannibalize” itself and use up all remaining nutrients in the plant.

Different types of grow light produce different spectrums (colors) of light. There are some growers that believe that growing cannabis under the unique light spectrums of LED grow lights or LEC grow lights may increase resin production and THC levels. Other growers swear that you need powerful HPS grow lights to produce the highest levels of THC.

Although cannabis can grow in relatively low light conditions (it grows like a weed!), it will not produce significant amounts of bud without very bright light in the flowering stage. Cannabis uses light to power the growth of buds, along with the THC and cannabinoids contained inside. Outdoors your plant needs direct sunlight 8+ hours a day to produce to its fullest, and indoors you need strong, bright grow lights (like LEDs or MH/HPS grow lights) to produce the highest levels of THC.

How to grow potent cannabis

In addition to manipulating the temperature, expert growers like to reduce the amount of CO2 in the grow space.

Cannabis buds are at their highest THC levels within a 2-3 week period during its flowering stage. Seasoned growers have discovered that you can increase THC levels in your cannabis plants if you time the harvest period right.

Whether you’re growing cannabis for personal consumption or commercial purposes, the potency of your plant remains an essential factor. Being able to maximize the amount of THC (and other cannabinoids) in your buds will directly translate to higher potency levels.

A plant with strong genetics and a high potency benchmark can easily produce buds of really high quality. However, a plant with poor genetics for potency will never perform beyond its genetic limits.

Temperature Control

Some growers have a technique for keeping a growing plant in its vegetative stage for 8 weeks at least. This means that the cannabis plant is induced into growing more vegetative parts before it is switched to the flowering stage. The increased length in the vegetative stage means a larger yield and can lead to very potent buds when combined with powerful grow lights.

Therefore, if you’re looking to get cannabis of high quality and potency, you should buy seeds with a genetic predisposition to high THC levels and high cannabinoid levels.

This process of producing sinsemilla (Spanish for “without seed”) buds can give rise to a highly potent product that fetches top dollar.

Optimal Harvest Time

Making sure your plant is well fed is one of the easiest ways to increase you yield. If your plant has all the nutrients it needs to grow, it will grow fast, which may result in a bigger yield.

In comparison, growers looking for low THC/high CBD profiles tend to favor the extended maturity of plant buds.

How to grow potent cannabis

Although you can grow marijuana without optimal access to light, the more it is exposed to, the better the yield and potency. This mantra is especially relevant during the vegetative stage. Ideally, you will give the plants at least 18 hours of light per day. When you switch to the flowering stage, your crop still requires 12 hours of lighting daily, to go with the 12 hours of constant darkness.

Next, place them in mason jars. Open the jar several times a day for the first few days. Once your buds feel a bit sticky, they are probably in the 60-65% humidity range, which is perfect for curing. After a week or so, when the buds no longer feel moist, it is only necessary to open the jars once every few days.

You can’t accurately analyze the trichomes without a magnifying glass, such as a jeweler’s loupe. There are typically three stages of trichome evolution:

Hack 4 – Lighting

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Choose one of these strains, and you immediately give yourself a fighting chance.

Hack 5 – The Curing Process

There is a maximum three-week window where you can harvest with confidence. Make a move too late, and some of the strain’s THC becomes the less desirable cannabinoid, CBN. Harvest too soon, and you come nowhere near the plant’s full potential. During the best period for harvesting, the trichomes become milky white, and the pistils change color from white to a reddish/brown. Here is what to look for:

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