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how to grow potent marijuana

How to grow potent marijuana

You want to be delicate with this next tip. Try it, but also keep an eye on your plants so you don’t overdo it.

When you have control over the light spectrum of your grow lights, you have the ability to tell your plants how to grow, how to flower, and how much resin to produce. This is why we highly recommend using LED light. Grow lights like these give you variable spectrum control, versus the old-school method of just switching out an MH (blueish) bulb for an HPS (reddish) bulb.

For a lot of home growers, getting the chemical profile you want requires some patience and trial and error. Frankly, that’s part of the fun.

Let Your Plants Get a Little Dry

If you’re starting to feel bad about manipulating your plants into defensive mode, here’s a gentle approach. As your plants enter the flowering stage, decrease the temperature of your grow room by about 10-15 degrees.

Timing is everything. There’s no point in having succeeded at all of the above if you miss the sticky-bud harvest window. There are about 2-3 weeks during the flowering stage when you can harvest your buds at peak maturity. You’ll know you’re at this stage because the trichomes will have turned milky white. Another reliable indicator is that the pistils (those little white hairs on the buds) will be darker and curled inward.

Crank Up the Blue, White, and UVB Lights

This slight change in temperature tells your plants that autumn has arrived . . . which means they need to hurry up and flower for the sake of their species. As a result, your plants put all their energy towards resin production.

In order to get more potency in the flowering stage, you want to inspire your plant to produce more resin-producing trichomes. You do this by cranking up blue, white, and UVB lights to 100% and backing red down to around 50%.

How to grow potent marijuana

Find out which is best…

The first step after harvest is to dry your buds thoroughly. The best drying environment is a room at a temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) and 50% humidity. After you cut down the plant, trim any extra leaves, and hang the buds to dry. After 4-10 days, test the buds. If they feel dry and the stems are capable of snapping, it is time to cure your herb.

Hack 2 – Harvesting

Choose one of these strains, and you immediately give yourself a fighting chance.

Hack 5 – The Curing Process

Although you can grow marijuana without optimal access to light, the more it is exposed to, the better the yield and potency. This mantra is especially relevant during the vegetative stage. Ideally, you will give the plants at least 18 hours of light per day. When you switch to the flowering stage, your crop still requires 12 hours of lighting daily, to go with the 12 hours of constant darkness.