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how to grow pounds of weed indoors

How to grow pounds of weed indoors

A weed plant will lose about 75% of its weight to moisture loss and trimming after being cut down. A considerable amount of moisture leaves the plant during the drying process, and trimming removes all the stems, branches, fan leaves, and trim from the plant.

We’ll go through those factors and talk a little bit about the harvest process to estimate how much weed you can get from one plant.

Factors that determine a weed plant’s yield

Aside from its candy-like flavor, Runtz gets its name because its buds grow small, like the runt of the litter. It might be a low-yielder, but you’ll usually get high-quality buds.

When growing outdoors, the local climate is the main determining factor of when you can put seeds in the ground. Some regions are too cold to put plants outside until May, but you can start growing plants indoors with the right setup.

How much bud from one weed plant?

Weed typically likes warm, temperate climates—think of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle region—but certain strains thrive in different temperatures. Traditionally, indicas like cold, dry climates and sativas like warm, humid climates.

How to grow pounds of weed indoors

A grower named “nugbuckets” designed and popularized the manifolding technique (though he called it “main-lining” at the time) to maximize yields per plant. Here’s one of the manifolded plants from his original tutorial. A huge thank you to nugbuckets for sharing your knowledge with the home growing community!

ScrOG (screen of green) means using a screen or netting to train plants to grow flat before flowering.

I used plant twist tie to hook on to each branch and tie it down where I wanted. I attached the other end to the fabric pot.

HLG 100 should be kept about 10″ away from the tops of plants

4.) Choose the Right Genetics (plus example strains)

Pruning techniques like manifolding can force even a small plant to produce huge buds. This plant was less than 2 feet (0.6m) tall at harvest and produced 6.2 oz by itself.

Here’s a side view. At this point, the only thing to do is water the plant and give it nutrients until harvest.

Fluxing is a different take on manifolding, but follows the same essential principles of splitting the main stem and creating a symmetrical plant structure

3.) Grow Light is Key to Yields!

Multi-pound harvest with just 4 plants!

Example strains that are heavy-yielders