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how to grow short marijuana plants

How to grow short marijuana plants

Take it from a seasoned grower: If this is your first time learning how to grow, autoflowering strains are more stress-free, cheaper, and easier to maintain. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are the best way to grow yourself some weed at home — without all the fuss.

This guide was written for marijuana enthusiasts who want a cheap way of growing cannabis plants without the tents, timing, and grow lights . It’s a small step towards greater accessibility for marijuana home growing. So, flip a middle finger to big corporations, break up with your dispensary, and step into the world of DIY weed growing at home– OG style. Growing sticky, smelly cannabis buds is easier and way more rewarding than you think!

Once the cannabis plant is a few feet tall, or about 30 days after she pops out of the dirt, she starts her flowering cycle. Autoflowering cannabis is typically ready to harvest in 80 days from seed— regardless of her light schedule. This means the autoflowering cannabis growing season is year-round! Autoflowering cannabis seamlessly integrates into your home and plant family. Make it easy on yourself and go this route.

We love these types of seeds so much that our Grow Kits include a $40 discount coupon on autoflowering seeds from our friends at .

Step 1 – Pick the Best Marijuana Seeds for You

And there are grow kits that make it easy and accessible. The truth is that there are more ways to cultivate cannabis than there are names for the plant. And every method can grow great, healthy plants. For example, hydroponics might yield more , while soil will grow stronger buds, aeroponics will grow the fastest, and there’s no replacement for growing marijuana outdoors. It’s as easy to overload yourself with options as it is to add too much fertilizer to your nutrient mix. Below, we describe how to do it naturally and with little work on the grower’s part.

Cannabis genetics are important to consider when planning your grow. Most cannabis consumers are familiar with the idea of Cannabis indica vs. Cannabis sativa . They understand how an indica -dominant strain is typically more relaxing and that sativa -dominant strains are known for their abilities to energize the mind and aid your creativity superpowers.

Growing marijuana outdoors, this specific lighting need is why photoperiod plants flower in the fall and can grow to such staggering heights. They grow all summer long in a vegetative stage until the start of fall, when there is less light, which triggers them into flowering. Indoors, a grower needs to control this light cycle to avoid confusing the plants. Addling light when the plant thinks it is nighttime can ruin a whole crop. Light leaks are a common mistake. If it’s your first time growing cannabis, this will be a bit more of a challenge to keep up. It’s also going to be a bigger investment to start growing, as well as a lot more work.

Steps to Growing Your Own Pot

However, many people don’t understand the difference between autoflowering cannabis and photoperiod cannabis , aka regular flowering cannabis. Understanding these two options makes a big difference when selecting a 1st time strain based on how easy it is to grow. For beginners, we love autoflowers !

This species of cannabis starts her flowering cycle when she starts receiving equal hours of sunlight and darkness. This means if you are growing this type of pot indoors, the plant needs to consistently receive 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to release the necessary hormones to begin flowering. This is why many people that grow photoperiod cannabis indoors opt for grow tents or dedicated grow rooms.

Fortunately, size isn’t everything when it comes to weed, and while everyone would ideally love to allow their plants to grow to their full height, it’s actually perfectly possible to achieve a huge harvest while keeping your plants short and compact.

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The first thing to know about cannabis is that it loves sunlight, and will grow to several metres tall in just a few short months as it strives to get as close as possible to the light. Most of the plant’s energy is directed towards the top of the main stem, as this is the part of its anatomy that receives the most direct sunlight. It’s therefore here that the largest cola tends to form once the plant enters its flowering stage.

After all, checking for pests, mold, seeds and damaged stems is much more manageable if you don’t need to climb a ladder to inspect your plants.

How to grow short marijuana plants

“Top” your plants – Cut off the top of the plant when it’s just a few weeks old. This technique is known as “topping” and causes plants to grow more spread out as opposed to tall. You want a short bush, not a tall Christmas tree. Learn all about topping.

Do you want to grow tiny cannabis plants? Would you like to build a “microgrowery” for your marijuana garden? This tiny plant tutorial will teach you how to grow cannabis plants that stay small yet still produce an abundance of weed! I’ve grown a lot of cannabis plants of all sizes, and I’ll share the most helpful tips and tricks to make cannabis plants grow in the exact shape and size you want.

Certain strains like this Black Jack Auto naturally stay small, while still producing great yields! Keep reading for dozens of more examples.

2.) Grow Setup

Recommended short photoperiod strains

Amnesia responds well to plant training such as being manifolded

T5 fluorescent lights are low profile, can be kept close to plants, and produce surprisingly good yields if you train plants to grow wide and flat like the plants here. The downside is they get much hotter than LEDs for the same electricity, and the yields aren’t as good per watt. How to grow with a T5 grow light.

Quick Summary (how to keep plants small without sacrificing yields)

Use bending to reduce the height of tall branches. Don’t forget to tie the branches down or they’ll turn back up! (I like plant twist tie for hooking around stems)

Here is an example of the buds produced (this was Auto Amnesia)