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how to grow strong cannabis

How to grow strong cannabis

The weed breeding landscape is very different to a decade or so ago. The increased legality of the herb ensures a higher level of freedom for breeders. The boost in the cultivation field’s talent pool means increased innovation. Not that long ago, a double-digit THC level was cause for celebration. Today, such weed isn’t even ‘mids’ because growers routinely hit 20%+, and occasionally, 30%!

Hack 1 – Strain & Individual Plant Genetics

Tips and tricks from the team…

Hack 4 – Lighting

Before we get started, it is essential to understand that you’ll find most of the THC and “potency” in the plant’s trichomes. These look like glistening crystals near harvest time. This guide offers five methods of increasing THC levels in your herb. As a bonus, many of the tricks also result in a yield boost.

How to grow strong cannabis

Potency is found in resin and oil produced by trichomes. And trichomes are the little, waxy, hair-looking resin glands you see on the surfaces of your plant. The more trichomes your plant produces and the more resin those trichomes make, the likelier you are to get the potency content you’re after.

Choose a Potent Strain

Just as they do with UVB rays, the plants protect themselves from dry climates by producing more resin. You know you’d never let them die of thirst. But as long as they don’t know that, their protective instincts will mean more potency for you.

Optimize Temperature for Potency

There are a few ways to inspire trichome and resin production, including some clever manipulation of the lighting and environment. Here are a few tips to try for your next growth cycle.

How to grow strong cannabis

Tribus Original is the perfect seedling to harvest cannabis growing products on the market today and it’s very versatile. Usage rates are 1 ml per gallon and with a price tag under $60 for a 250 ml bottle, and a little goes a long way. Because it consists of beneficial bacteria you really can’t overfeed your cannabis plants with it, and it creates stronger plants from the inside out. For best results apply it to your grow media at least once a week. Tribus is compatible with all grow media, including hydroponics and even field application.

To supplement your plants with extra CO2, you can use the following:

Prune Cannabis Properly

Enhancing humidity levels can be possible through the following:

Maintain Enough CO2

Wondering how to grow high-quality marijuana? Allow enough spacing between the cannabis buds. Make sure no leaves or branches block the airflow. You can apply low stress training (LST) where you tie the plants down while they’re still young to ensure that the light is well-dispersed, improving the plant’s overall health. Using other tools like filters and fans will also help you maintain the airflow.