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how to grow the most potent weed indoors

How to grow the most potent weed indoors

In order to get more potency in the flowering stage, you want to inspire your plant to produce more resin-producing trichomes. You do this by cranking up blue, white, and UVB lights to 100% and backing red down to around 50%.

Plants produce trichomes protectively. In nature, these little guys use trichomes and the resulting resin as a sort of buffer against the sun’s UVB rays. The better you can mimic that light in your grow room, the more trichomes you’ll get and the better shot you’ll have at reaching maximum potency.

Crank Up the Blue, White, and UVB Lights

The genetics of your plant play a significant role in the potential for higher potency production. Each strain has a maximum potential for potency. For example, the super popular Girl Scout Cookies strain can reach an astounding potency content of up to 28%, but that’s where it maxes out.

Looking for a more potent harvest this time around? Whether you want to grow plants with a more psychoactive effect or you want to kick up your weed’s medicinal capabilities, it is possible to manipulate your plants to create more potency.

Let Your Plants Get a Little Dry

Potency is found in resin and oil produced by trichomes. And trichomes are the little, waxy, hair-looking resin glands you see on the surfaces of your plant. The more trichomes your plant produces and the more resin those trichomes make, the likelier you are to get the potency content you’re after.

How to grow the most potent weed indoors

If you are serious about increasing the THC levels in your cannabis, make sure to follow the top steps which are known to increase potency! Skipping any of those steps will reduce your potency for certain. Choosing the right strain, giving plenty of bright light, taking great care of your plants while they’re alive, and harvesting/drying/curing properly are the most important steps you can take to increase the THC levels of your buds!

Learn more about when to harvest cannabis (with lots more pics!) Get the effects you’re looking for.

Strain & Individual Plant Genetics

However, not every grower wants the highest levels of THC in their bud, and may actually be seeking other cannabinoids found in certain strains. For example, there are many medical marijuana growers who prefer low-THC, high-CBD cannabis, which is non-psychoactive and may be of interest to those looking for possible relief from anxiety or seizures. Learn more about the difference between CBD and other cannabinoids like THC (unfortunately you can’t use grow methods to increase CBD levels, you need to start with a low-THC, high-CBD strain).

Light Levels

These are some of the common ways growers try to increase the THC levels of their cannabis. These techniques and methods are considered “unknowns” because there hasn’t been a whole lot of scientific testing to see what works and what doesn’t work as far as increasing THC.

The idea is to get the plant to use up any nutrients that may have built up in the buds which could possibly affect that taste/smell after harvest

High Times Top Strains of 1977

However, once cannabis growers became more aware of growing techniques including how to prevent pollination, there was a rise in “sinsemilla” weed, a word which combines the Spanish word “sin” (without) and “semilla” (seed) to mean cannabis “without seeds.”

How to grow the most potent weed indoors

However, during the vegetative growth phase it is beneficial to add additional CO2 to your grow space. This can help the plant grow faster.

Pro tip: Providing more phosphorus in the flowering stage can help produce larger blooms.

The factors we’ve looked at so far are strictly designed to increase THC levels of cannabis only. However, they aren’t the only known growing techniques that affect THC levels.

A plant with strong genetics and a high potency benchmark can easily produce buds of really high quality. However, a plant with poor genetics for potency will never perform beyond its genetic limits.

Temperature Control

Let’s dive into how to increase the THC production of your cannabis plant!

The following growing methods should help with increasing yield in addition to influencing the production of highly potent buds:

Certain other growing methods have the added advantage of increasing overall harvest yield. Whether you’re a recreational or commercial grower, you want to get the most value from your growing efforts.

Inducing Vegetative Cycle

Therefore, if you’re looking to get cannabis of high quality and potency, you should buy seeds with a genetic predisposition to high THC levels and high cannabinoid levels.

Curing your buds also has the added advantage of reducing the speedy effects of under-developed buds.